Cargo Management function

The "Cargo Management"-function for dropping off materials for "Reinvigorating the Old Mines" is suddenly available whereever I drive. Can't pickup new side missions or pickup materials at warehouse.

Map: Flooded fothills
Vehicle: Ford F750
Active mission: "Reinvigorating the Old Mines"

Yes, I have reported that a while ago. It's a kind of shortcut 😉 It seems to reset after you go to the garage.

Hello @alehen
Thank you for the report.
Can you also mention your game platform and KSIVA code (you can find it at the bottom of the screen in main menu)?
Catch this issue on vid and send it to us please, we will investigate.

Had this same issue on numerous occasions this morning in Big Salmon Peak - at an upgrade point, with the Tatarin, the cargo management box came up and had to exit and restart session.
Will in future try the 'back to garage' trick. Thanks for the heads-up.

I've had this issue as well. Tends to happen when you swap from a vehicle that's sitting on a cargo/mission/delivery point to another vehicle that's outside of the garage on the same map.

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