Well, that's it for me I guess...

I guess I knew the risks... 🙂

On the PS4 -

Been playing and enjoying the game for about two weeks. Created a modest gang of Escher juves, made it through about 7-8 Operations until the leader hit rank X and the rest of her crew were rank IX, accumulating experience before hitting X so they weren't hit with the max point increases bug.

Just completed a simple "grab the strong/weak grog" mission, then after the final move was hit by the 'infinite autosave' bug.

Closed and re-opened the game, tried loading my gang back. Game crashed. Tried again, same thing happened.

I guess that's the end of my Necromunda Underhive Wars experience. Saved game is corrupted, gang is borked, about 120 hours of play time wiped out.

Oh well. Despite all the bugs, it was fun while it lasted. I waited patiently for this game for about two years, and although it turned out to be a massive disappointment there were some fun aspects I enjoyed.

I guess the real Underhive Wars were the (now lost forever) custom ganger friends we made along the way...

So even with the "patch" that took over a month to put out, they haven't fixed this critical issue.

Lawsuits need to be brought against Focus and they need to be put out of business. This is just one of countless reprehensible offenses across multiple games.

Fuck you Focus. You're a horrible fucking company.

With ps+ or a USB key/drive you could have just saved copies off system. Turn off auto upload and manually upload every 1-2 matches as between match saves are pretty solid. Don't want to sync corrupted files. I lost everything about 10 days in and been doing this since. Has saved me once so far about 3 days ago and I really don't care about the crashes anymore. The saves also force me to take a break once in a while too. Not ideal but works.

120 hours for a $40 sounds like a good value. Paid $60 for Doom Eternal and spent maybe 16-18 hours with multiple playthrus. I feel that Fallout 76 and Anthem were much worse situations than this. Still looking forward to NUW patches though...

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the point is, the players should not have to find semi good workarounds or the like.

any product is supposed to function well, that is why we pay for things. seller and buyer agree for a good and a price. if either is incompletly delivered, the contract is not fullfilled. if done willingly it is fraud. how would you describe this game's situation?

(also fallout76 was a huge disappontment, but it was playable. crashes yes, but not the game breaking kind)

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