Bolters where are they?

Just curious if anyone has gotten a bolter or heavy bolter yet?

Haven't seen one yet, estimate about 320 hrs on ps4. Mostly in operations some skirmish. Played story to op 13 but save corrupted. I loot the skirmish even if I don't get to keep the weapons as they might be a temp upgrade to what I have.

Bolt pistol is single fire impact. What's the difference between heavy bolter and heavy stub gun (also impact)? Less damage more range?

Better range and better precision are the benefits. Where is the 300+ hours information coming from?

It's how much I've played w/o seeing anything yet...

do you guys remember tekken x streetfighter? many fighters where already contained in the shipped product (game disc), but only available as paid DLC afterwards. It caused a fat controversy that contributed to the game nosediving hard. just a thought

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I've got Bolt Pistols, yet they're only level 2, while I'm now using level 4 Las Pistols and Auto Pistols.

AI just doesn't seem to use them very often, if at all, so I haven't had the opportunity to loot them from enemy gangs.

Bolt pistol is deadeye only weapon. Other pistols are usable by all so more prevalent. Most AI deadeye seem to use lasgun or autogun because of longer range probably. There are level 5 and 6 bolt pistols and can be a fun alternative for up close combat.

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Never noticed but level 2 boltgun and heavy bolter appear in story chapter 4. Also in chapter 9. Would be the reason they're in the files. Boltgun is single shot and heavy bolter is 3 shot. Range is standard 40 and 50.

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I save-scummed opening about 200 weapon crates and never found a single Bolter or Heavy Bolter.

Bolters, heavy bolters are listed as added in the patch today

i got a Heavy Bolter and Power Mace (mechanic only) in crates, so appears bolters and such have been added to crates post patch.

Edit: Meltaguns were possessed by opponents as well.

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I picked up a IV rank bolt gun off of a Goliath Deadeye I downed. Hoping for some luck in crates. 🙂

I bought some gambling crates off the guilder shop and one had a level 5 Heavy Bolter.
Another had spit out a level 6 piece of armour.

I was playing Operations on Hard.

Got a Heavy Bolter (rank 4) from a random crate. Was really looking forward to getting more from the Infamy-purchased reward crates at the start of my next Operation, but all my accumulated Infamy has been stolen by the November patch. I can't buy any crates to roll for new weapons 😞

An enemy ganger was using a Bolter, so I nabbed it. Sadly it was Rank IV. I haven't had any luck finding Bolters in crates or the shop, but Heavy Bolters have been appearing.

Also stole a Rank V Meltagun, so I can finally begin converting my gang into Sisters of Battle XD

Found a Rank IV Power Mace (the Lay Mechanic attachment weapon) but I don't use Lay Mechs anyways 😛