Being able to spend garage part trailers when they are not attached to vehicle

So when we tow garage part trailer with the winch to the locked garage. Could this be added?

it only takes a couple of seconds to attach the trailers so probably not

@digidi Yes, but I mean the situation when you pull the trailer with with a car to which you can not connect this trailer. For example: On map Valley I towed garage trailer with A-469 to garage and I could not spend that trailer's point to unlock garage because this trailer cannot be attached to A-469

No, it's cheating! LOL! 😁 As Digidi says, couple it to an appropriate truck. It doesn't take long. However, being able to get the trailer to a garage in such a way would work really well in multiplayer - one person driving a truck and the other an SUV.

well that might be cheating ay?

@zamal What? Making the game more enjoyable and more intuitive you call a cheating? I have no words...

@Iyagovos What do you think about my proposal?

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I'm not sure I totally understand what it is you'd like to happen.

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If I understand it correctly, @knight25 wants to be able unlock garage just with trailer, even when it is not attached to a truck.
For example if you (theoretically) tow a trailer via winch with A-969.
Currently it is not possible, trailer has to be attached to a truck and only then you can use it.
I doubt if it is possible to solve anyway, because you have to "sit in and drive" a vehicle, to be able load/unload whatever. And you can't do that with bare trailer.

i dont get it why would u want to tow garage trailer with uaz in first place? xd

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Some people tow a trailer attached to a truck and another trailer on a winch line. Don't ask me why or how or where is a sense in it, I don't know either 😂

D535 on Deluge I think? A map where there is no starting garage. 2 garage trailers (those sheds on iron wheels). One coupled to the 8x8. The other one being winched behind. Get them both to the garage - unlock the garage. unload two points, attach the other trailer, unload the remaining 2 points.. Sorry knight25. Think of it like this: Thematically, perhaps unlocking a garage requires an operating compressed air supply tapped off the trucks own air lines? Something the car or little UAZ don't have. 😉

You're the guy I saw on the freeway yesterday with 2 king size mattresses and a canoe bungeed to the roof of your Ford Festiva, aren't you!? lol j/k but similar concept as far as I'm personally concerned... 🙂

Good Lord! What a hateful looking little car! 💩 😂 Usable only if the other option is walking... hehe

Festivas can be fun little cars for hooning around in.

seriously though. i seem to find it easier to tow a trailer than dragging it, but maybe that is just me.

also i would not say it is cheating myself, but to a certain extent it is a bit of a cheaty way of doing it. i can understand wanting a bit of a challenge, but why drag something when you can tow it much easier? even more so when they give you the vehicles to do it with. well i guess unless you want to do the 1 star challenge thing maybe, then it does kind of make sense.

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Maybe when you play with a MOD pickup truck (for example) that don't have ability to tow garage trailer. Deluge map for another example.

But as I've said above, there is no functionality for just trailers. You can't park trailers with fuel everywhere and turn them into fuelstations - you have to sacrifice some truck for that.
Same with the garage trailers and any other. Yes, it might be PITA sometimes, under some specific circumstances, but that is the same for any in-game obstacle.
You have to have trailer attached to have any use of it, that is how the game works, deal with it.

Okay, if nobody wants it, then it's the end of the topic.

@knight25 well i hate to just drop it since at least you are wanting it correct? just more like what Sodoma is getting at, in that being forced to use trucks attached to the trailers keeps a balance in the game. now once we decide to play with mods then we just have to accept the way the game is made or try to mod our game if we can to make these kinds of things work.

I would like this feature too.

Although it again goes to what I posted in another thread, that if something physically can fit onto a truck, we should be able to attach it. Even if the truck will struggle to pull the weight or whatever. Is a UAZ or the B66 better for pulling a trailer to a garage than any of the 6x6 trucks? No, but it's a way to create our own challenge and find new ways to complete the levels and new combinations/limits of trucks to use.

It shouldn't matter why someone pulled a garage trailer across the map with their UAZ, the fact that the garage trailer is 10 feet away from the garage means it should be able to be unloaded into the garage to make it functional.

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Actually, there is different kind of hitch for cars like UAZ and Ural...

@sodoma i believe he is referring to pulling/dragging a trailer instead of towing it like normal. which does make sense and i agree that just getting it there should be good enough to open the garage, but at the same time it does undermine the intent of the "balanced" gameplay.

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