PTS Update 19/10/2020 (10.3)

@Addict2SimsQc if you read my comment, you’d understand that my problem with their lack of communication isn’t about patience - at all. there’s a huge portion of SR players that just want an estimated timeframe / ETA on when we can likely expect Phase 2, and beyond.
If they update tomorrow and say “hey, unfortunately Phase 2 isn’t arriving until 2021” as terrible as that would be, I’d have the patience to wait for it. the problem is we don’t get ANY information on ETA’s until a day or two before it drops.
I understand they do this “just in case other issues pop up that they need to work on, etc” however it doesn’t matter. plenty of developers/publishers can forecast accurately, let us know an add-on or a DLC is 6-9 months out, and even stick to that timeframe.. because they CARE about their user base, and they don’t want them waiting around like lemmings ready to jump off a damn cliff out of sheer frustration.

Check out dovetail games for excellent communication.

Constant live stream, highly active community team, acknowledge mistakes quickly. Regular and niche dlc subject matter. 2 new totally different rail tracks (40 and 8miles in length).

I am really impressed and if you try they’re live streams they’re funny to listen to too.

Focus games, complete marketing plan, turn up occasionally.

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