Adding a "Like" button to these forums?

Hey, Just wondering if there are any plans to add "Like" buttons to these forums for posts and threads? I would love to be able to like peoples posts and threads rather than responding to each post/thread.

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not that it seems to be doing any good., but from my understanding focus does not exactly "run" the forum.

Yeah! Either a Like, Upvote and/or a Useful button, like in the Dovetail Games forums.

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Hi guys, we decided to give it a try!

We enabled a "like" button for the posts 🙂

Have a nice day!

Oh that's right, you did!
Awesome, you too! (I liked your post 😉 )

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@Netheos very nice, now to see about some of these "other" things for the forum at some point hopefully.

fyi, for those who did not know. you can hover your cursor over the number of likes on a post to see who has liked it.

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