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A little something i have been playing around with for way to long.
Started out following Nixes tutorial for the Editor, and ended up like what it is now.

Its a pretty easy Trail-style map that want give you experienced players much of a challenge Unless you use only the standard vehicles. (Spintiresmod recommended for at least the battery winch)
Map have One garage, one fuel station, some watch points to unlock and a short logging part if you want to do that.

The map uses quite a few custom models (Rocks by Spun and Nixes, and some other models by "unknown"). Might tank you PC if it struggle with barebone MR.
It have some custom textures, overlays, terrain (dirt and gravel).

Anyway, here is the link
and some screenshots.
0_1520131687166_675010_screenshots_20180215194634_2.jpg 5_1520131707947_20180304030733_1.jpg 4_1520131707947_20180304030709_1.jpg 3_1520131707947_20180304030524_1.jpg 2_1520131707947_20180304030507_1.jpg 1_1520131707947_20180304025339_1.jpg 0_1520131707947_675010_screenshots_20180227232322_1.jpg
alt textalt textalt text

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@joridiculous Just downloaded ur map and gonna go try it out.

Nice work Bro! Lots of variety. Like the textures you used.

Thanks 🙂

The dirt texture is from the Baja One Nine, V2 map.
The gravel i really dont know. From some Russian texture pack i guess.

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A new map im toying around with.
This one is based on a area close to home. Using Height Map (Merged).
(This is a mix of ASTER (~30m), USGS NED (~10m), and SRTM30+ (~900m). It provides good global elevation data (ASTER) and better US elevation data (USGS NED) with hole-filling and bathymetry from SRTM30+.) Using to make terrains for City Skyline.

Short video of one of the areas from different approach and vehicles.
1st is the Toyota FJ40 Crawler by Spun, second is a skinned Kraz255.
Youtube Video

Man...I wish I knew exactly what the hell you were talking about. Because it sounds cool AF! I'd love to get that all figured out. I did some googling using those terms and wound up with a migraine headache after about 30 min. of struggling to get my head wrapped around it. I mean...I get it. But...I don't get it. I understand how it can be done. I just don't understand how it is done. Know what I'm sayin'? 😕

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@mudhappy LOL yeah! I know 😛
The easiest would be to go to (use the search and type in a location)
Then export a map. Default is OpenStreetMap. (The two USGM option can work good to. Just hit Export even if you dont see any map on screen).

@joridiculous Hey thanks! But now I feel kinda dumb. That part was way too easy. I was overthinking it. I expected to see a height map to export/download. I didn't think it was going to convert the image I was seeing into one in the process. So I figured I was doing something wrong and gave up. 😕

The rest of it I think I can figure out on my own. 🤓

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@mudhappy hehe.. Yeah that site is simplified. I thought the same first time i used it.

Getting the height-map into a map is a bit more complicated but not hard really. Look at the thread General map "construction" approach:

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