Suggestion : save the tire tracks on the entire map


Is it possible to save the tire tracks in mud on the whole map ?

Currenlty, on my low end PC (or more accurately, my 8-yr old high end PC 🙂 ), tire tracks seems to be saved whenever there is a truck parked around, but not in all the other places.

Here in the back ground, the tracks were indeed saved from the game I was playing yesterday, so that's good ! I believe it is because I parked a fuel truck (that you can notice on the bottom left corner) :

However, less than a 100m away, the tracks were not saved. There are the tracks from today (I drove here once), but not the many many tracks from yesterday (in particular many tracks that went on the trail on the right) :

So obviously, it seems that is is possible to save the tire tracks in mud, but it is not on the entire map.
Maybe this is due to my old PC... If not, is it possible to extand it to the rest of the map ?

Thank you

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Hi I know this is not on topic and I apologize but which map is this

@digidi It is this map : Light 6 Map v1.0
You'll find it here :

It is a nice little map 😉

Remember that first picture I sent with all the muddy tracks in the background?

Well, I moved the fuel truck, and closed the game. Tonight when I came back to the game, here is what I found :


No mud tracks anymore... 😞

I agree. I may be mistaken but I thought it saved them on the original Spintires version. Which was a love-it and hate-it feature, since you would tend to wreck a trail if you used it too much, from what I remember. But that added a nice sense of realism.

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