Can't recieve invites from friends [Epic Games]


I recently bought 'Snowrunner' from the Epic Games Store to play co-op with friends. Problem is that I can't seem to invite or recieve invites from friends when trying to join/host a co-op game. The friends list shows up with all the correct people but there has never been an option for me to join them(just 4 dots at the end of their name). We've tried many suggestions on the internet with no success. Also contacted Epic Games support but they indicated that it would be a game-sided issue. If anyone has some insight into problems like this i'd appreciate suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks!

Hello! We are sorry about this.
Could you attach a screenshot of this issue please?
Also please perform a log out/in from the EGS account and verify the PTS version game files.

Do you experience the same issue in the Live version?

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