Recalling to garage

Anyone else lost the ability to recover to garage?

I was testing my map a little more before release and realized I can no longer recover to my garage.

I fiddled around with the placement to no avail.

I then loaded up another custom map and same thing, no option to recover to garage.

I then loaded up a stock map and same thing...anyone know what might be causing this? Is is a Mod conflict?

This happens weather I load through SM or through Steam shortcut.

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Don't thank me. Thank shuffy.

Or thank the search feature. Since that's how I found the answer when I needed it. 😉

EDIT: My questions are WTH are spawn locators, and/or what is always allowing them good for?

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@joridiculous Thanks for the info. Can't imagine I'll ever have any use for it. In fact...that's undoubtedly the dumbest, most useless excuse for a mod I've ever heard of. And it breaks a far more useful feature of the game to use it. Brilliant! Better include that for sure! Somebody needs smacked upside the head for that shit IMO. I take it back. It might be good for something after all.

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i think the spawn locators were made for the proving grounds map so you can quickly switch to different terrains seems to work not only for the proving ground. But also for warping to empty spawn locations on other maps too. Now that gives me some ideas. Might actually be able to do something with that. Interesting...

Thanks for mentioning it @hydrowasul. :the_horns:

Thanks guys, I first seen "allow spawn locators" in old tires, there were some maps made that had them where you could teleport around the was a neat feature on finished maps especially in multiplayer as you could end a session at a spawn locator and restart your session whenever and just teleport to where you left off....Not using the "search" going to use my 1 time use "I'm new" card.
Thanks again for the help.

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