Weird/distracting artifacts in dark areas. pls help

I get very annoying/distracting artifacts primarily on night maps but also on day maps, in low light areas. I really don't know what causes that and have no idea how to fix it. It would be nice if anyone could share some tips for fixing this.

Here are my specs if it's a hardware related problem:
MB : Gigabyte x570 gaming x
CPU : Ryzen 7 3700X (base clock)
GPU : Gigabyte RTX 2070s (base clock)
RAM : G.Skill Tritend Z 2x 16GB 3200MHz
Monitor: 2560x1440p 144Hz

Here are my settings if I scewed up by customizing them:
Vsync: off
Gamma: 2.0

FoV: 100.0

View Distance Quality: Medium
Texture Quality: Medium
Effects Quality: High
Foliage Quality: Medium
Post-processing Quality: Low

Frame Smoothing: off
Frame Limiter: 144FPS
Resolution Scale: 100.0
Motion Blur: off
Scope Setting: Normal
Ragdoll Count: High
Foliage Interactin: off
Ambient Occlusion: on
Anistrophic Filtering: 8x
Tessellation: off
Screen Space Reflections: Medium
Dynamic Shadow Resulution: 512x512
Cascaded Shadow Map Resolution: 512x512
Texture Streaming Pool: High
Hierarchical LOD Trasitin Method: FoV

And here are 2 Screenshots where the artifacts are really obvious.20201103030747_1.jpg

Yea I noticed this aswell.

Also other artifacts are present in the dark areas with NVG's, where the contrast balance is off, resulting in crushed cartoony-like shadows (some maps are worse than others):


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