This dialog on manufacturing sites asking for Z and C key does not have an assigment option to a wheel button. See the UI Section


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I have a suggestion for an improved UI, please think about it and I know its not done in some minutes.

What about introducing a "shift mode" function on a game controller such as a "Long press" of a shoulder button (see clutch) and you have alternate functions on a key, its partially already integrated. See gears - keep clutch pressed, the right stick has suddenly a different function while shift is enabled. Take this concept - as shit it feels for quick switching of gears.

So if you use "the other" shoulder button long press on any GC as a kind of "shift key", the AB keys as well as both sticks and D-Pad may get a different function for module operation. Or you take "press both shoulder buttons simultaneously for at least half a second and you get the module options menu".

Example Telehandler: enter the "shift" mode and with only one module installed, go for it. You may manipulate the tele with the right stick as well as the AB keys - you need six functions. So driving and manipulating handle is a breeze in comparison with the current "type a PhD thesis" situation. Up/down extend/retrieve and incline/decline.

Example crane as the most complex module: initiate the shift and you need 10 functions:

  • up/down arm (e.g. right stick U/D)
  • left/right arm (e.g. right stick L/R)
  • up/down rope (e.g. left stick U/D or D-Pad)
  • load left/right (e.g. left stick L/R or D-Pad)
  • extend/retract arm (A/B)

Any module/addon/options is finished by push of the standard ABORT (X/Y) button, so immediately back to drive mode. No more hassle of switching between different menu levels and function -> module -> 4 -> do something, exit, back....

If there is more than one module installed (take a loadster with a crane and a radar trailer attached) -> Shift key, ABXY or whatever quick selection of the module while pressed, then you have the module control. Select the default "ESC/Abort" button and you are back in drive mode. You may put less often used buttons for "handbrake" and "light" there.

And If you change the UI: please enable a shift up/down function by a short press on the shoulders of a game controller. So R -> Lminus -> L -> Lplus -> H -> A. If in "A" an upshift again initiates the clutch. Any non existing gear is skipped.

No mechanics change, plainly a UI improvement. And with left/right shoulder short press - no waste of keys, no interference with current "shifting" for those who are used to.

Please. Nice game, but the UI is lacking some consistence and functionality. See the telehandler..... Nice job from the functionality and gameplay, but the use of it is a pain in the arse.

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