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Hello, I'm 8x8 and I have a few suggestions for Spintires: MudRunner which I think will make the game even better!

Unlockable Upgrades:
I think it would be better that you'd have to unlock upgrades, than just having everything from the start.
I think this would be the best way to do that:
To unlock upgrades like bull-bars and additional lights, maybe you'd have to deliver packages/containers to maybe warehouses,
as in the Spintires Intel Level Up 2011 demo, and for each package you get 2 store points and, say, a bull-bar costs 4 store points, so you'd have to deliver two packages to get it.

Paint Jobs:
I think it would improve the game greatly if the vehicles were paintable. I've had this idea how you could unlock Paint Jobs:
There are multiple paint cans hidden in each map, and once you've collected it, you can choose that paint job when next visiting the garage.

Visually Realistic Winch:
In Spintires, the winch doesn't look realistic. It's a 2D sprite. Even in MudRunner, it hasn't changed. The MAZ-537 and MAZ-535 even have a great looking winch wound around the front bumper, but it just doesn't look good if a 2D sprite comes out of the winch points. I would be most grateful if they'd replace the 2D winch with a realistic 3D model.

AFV (Away From Vehicle) Mode:
I'd find it great if you could also exit the vehicles, and walk around the map, and maybe hop into/onto another players vehicle. If the UAZ jeep is stuck on a hill, you'd also be able to push it. In order not to make 'scouting' (discovering watchpoints) very easy, you could just prevent the player to walk through bushes.

macOS Support:
Please, please, please add macOS support for MudRunner. I understand that you haven't put it into Spintires, because you didn't reach the last kickstarter goal, but from all the money you have made from Spintires and, now, also from Spintires: MudRunner, I think you should really support macOS. Although I play Spintires, and, if I had MudRunner, I would also play that on macOS via Porting Kit, I think macOS support would be great for you because of enlarged community, and for the people who purchase it, who don't know of Porting Kit.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, and be sure to tell me your thoughts on what I've suggested!

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It seems like you have some good ideas there. Not sure how the customisation would work regarding multiplayer - would the other players be able to see your new bull bars, extra spot lights different tyres etc? (no idea myself how much work that would take to implement). Different paintjobs - that would be cool. Other delivery jobs and not just logging also sounds like fun.

The other players really should see your new accessories, otherwise it'll be quite weird. Maybe they don't need to be visible for the other players when they first implement it, but they should patch it relatively soon.

I don't know if these issues I have with Spintires Multiplayer were fixed in Mudrunner (because I haven't got it yet), but here they are anyway:

• Lights synchronisation. The lights aren't synchronised via Multiplayer, and the
headlights of the other player are always displayed as off, although they're not
always off.
• Horn synchronisation. The horn is almost all the time delayed on the other
computer, and sometimes it doesn't even play.
• Sound synchronisation. The engine sounds emitted by another player aren't ever
played. The other players are always silent, except from the horn.

That's all the flaws I've found in Spintires MP. Hopefully they are/will be fixed in Mudrunner. 😔 Thanks for the feedback though, I appreciate it! 😊

None of the above. We all (mostly) use SpinTiresMod (STMod, Mudrunner Plus, depends on who u ask lol) to sync at least the lights in MP...

Ah. If that fixes it, good! ☺
Also, I forgot that the smoke fumes are also not synchronised in Spintires.

I added three suggestions!

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