Game crashing on XBox during Operations

Playing the Fungus Retrieval on the Hangar map with three gangs besides my own, Hard Difficulty, and the new update.
First Round, fifth set of activations, first ganger activates and goes to melee attack a member of an enemy gang, and the game crashes.
I've tried a few times with as yet no difference to the outcome.

Sounds similar to what I/someone else reported. ```PS4 thread.

Is this a gang or operation started before the patch or completely new? Seems more likely to affect higher difficulty since more likely for 3 or 4 way matches. I haven't seen any crashes from this today on very hard after starting a new gang. Most matches have been 1 vs 1 AI and I think I killed the melee chars before they attacked anyone (I'm Orlock).

In other patch news death from above is working for AI again and I haven't had the continuous autosave bug yet. Spoke about 20 minutes too soon. Just has the nonstop autosave bug.

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I already saw that, and my situation is different.

The Operation was already in progress before the latest patch.
It is a higher Difficulty, the third level of difficulty.

Each gang has already activated and moved four of it members across the Hangar map.
I've picked my last gang member yet an AI Orlock Brawler has priority.
They activate and move to where an AI Escher is already engaged in Melee with another AI Ganger (most likely Goliath), it enters into melee and the game promptly crashes returning me back to the XBox Home Screen.

I reload the game and the save, and I'm back at the begining of the Orlock Brawler's turn, where it goes ever to melee the already engaged Escher again.
The Game crashes and returns me to the XBox Home Screen.

This problem has now been resolved by the recent update.
Thank you.