Season 2: Explore & Expand revs up on November 16!

@Jellyfoosh My game has glitched out on yukon I cannot have more then one vehicle of my own out becuase the map display is glitched out and everything is acting like the game is lagging, the menu keeps reseting back to the top when trying to select stuff, I dont know what happend and its fine in other peoples games just not mine.

Not happy to be this far in and the game being damn near unplayable due to bugs!

Edit it seems to be caused by the main missions for the 1st map, the 2nd map thus far seems okm with help I can complete the missions and the game goes back to normal until the next job is accrept then back to simulateted lagorama!. Other problem is my friends elping me since this bug started dont earn any moeny as the jobs, do not show as completed for them.

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@pablodiablo316 I have the same problems but only today?! Yesterday everything was ok, today the game was unplayable (on Xbox one 😵

@pablodiablo316 I had the same problems today ok Xbox one x, not playable at all

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Hi @pablodiablo316, thanks for the report, the team is looking into it!


May i ask why you work on it after release? I mean the whole update is a mess... cant even complete the maps...check the cabin issue for example... can't deliver 15 cabins... its impossible... i mean there are ppl who struggle to create 15 cabins and deliver to requested site only to find out from you, in a few thrown words around here on the forum, that this is a bug and they did it for nothing and we must wait , again, for a fix? I mean wtf... didnt you check the missions before releasing? You throw out again a bugged version trying to fixit on our time... duh... thats not the right way guys...

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after the path does 2 there was a drop in fps the game is opening small locks and the trucks seem to be tied up as if walking with the brakes on we wait for a load path ps4 version

it is already the second time that an update spoils my experience with the game these two new maps are impossible to play the game it seems to be choking I don’t know if it’s more fps this bad to play on the frustrating ps4 ..

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@pablodiablo316 I have the same problems but only today?! Yesterday everything was ok, today the game was unplayable (on Xbox one 😵

someone toldme the work around, oncethecabin is delivered remove it from the drop off point again and it clears it

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one thing i have a problem with is can we get the co-op crane spaz dealt with, in the feature i still have random glitches like that in private as well.