Season 2: Explore & Expand revs up on November 16!

Will this include fixing the fuel issues?

Its weird that the phase 2 or season 2, what ever you wanna call it, release date was announced in Instagram 2 days ago.
It should have been announced in all sites at the same time, or atleast the same day.

Dammit lol. I'm starting two weeks holidays during which I'm taking my trusty old car apart and rebuilding it.
Discipline shall be required 😅

Had no major issues on the PTS with crafting, fuel, or vehicles. A name-change to a certain facility did pose a problem or two, but was finally resolved and the fork lift controls are quite straightforward once mastered.
Looking forward to the new release in the morning!!

what time can we expect it to drop?? maybe I’ll be able to get in some exploration before work...

Most likely end of the day Hawaiian time.

Installed the new update on Xbox and no new map icon is showing up in the global map plz help. I tryed uninstalling the season 2 download and reinstall restarted everything and still nothing

Nice... the shared loading areas glitch from PTS 10.4 is still there on the live update.
This one :
Youtube Video

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Greetings. After the last update, the game has decreased performance. Fps is not stable

Hello, can you please tell us when the HUD issue will be fixed? because it is still impossible to play without HUD.
Thank you for your reply.
Have a good day.

Hi, the installation of season 2 again made it impossible to play coop of multiple friends in one household via one router. Before season 2 was installed, the coop worked without a problem. Please correct it. Thank you.

Just want to say I'm really looking forward to this update!

Liking the update so far. The first map is nice and is interesting as water is really the biggest challenge here. The rocks thankfully don't get you stuck as much as on Imandra, I'm finding they can and will roll you over quite easily though. But at least that makes more sense. The Western Star 49X seems like a nice truck and the upgrade for old vehicles is nice to.

Hopefully the next Phase 3 map will see a suspension upgrade for the Azov 73. The Azov really should of gotten this before the KOLOB's.

@justinlynch3 Azov 73 is OP enough. It doesn't need active suspension. It needs further nose cut, like on a real prototype Kamaz-7360.

alt text

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Just downloaded latest- no new maps ?

Hi @RebelBYChoose, no need to have an entire post just for a ping, keep it in a single post please 🙂

Provided you've downloaded the patch (on consoles you might need to download the DLC separately from the update), you should be able to find the Yukon maps from your global map.

Please fix the access to forklift, so operates more like crane access not radar trailer, as a quick switch would improve overall experience. Takes to long to use forklift compared to crane so using crane where forklift would be more applicable.

For all the fixes, all I want is for my G27 wheel to work without any stupid workarounds.