Season 2: Explore & Expand revs up on November 16!

I have a bug that the game crashes every time I scroll over the yerf dog mod in my garage and I can’t get my trucks from the garage on xbox one

Help my trucks are missing. It happpened twice!!! first when phase 1, and now in phase two. There is no response from the developer! I lost hundreds of thousand. Wtf is this game

@sampahtai and don´t expect to hear anything from the devs.

new taymyr missions? dont see any(

@Stazco under Vorono 12, Supply and Demand and Loud and Clear. Depending on progress that can be locked.

yes, thx!
i see, these new ones just not so huge like in usa

So me and a friend got snowrunner since we got mudrunner recently and really liked it and saw this came out earlier this year. so we decide to play the game on pc via epic and tried to play it together since we really were excited to play and for some reason when we went to play multiplayer it would not work for either of us even though the issue was patched months ago and we tried everything we tried port forwarding allowing through the firewall on our pcs vpns restarting pcs restarting epic uninstalling and reinstalling literally everything to try and get online games to work so all in all i was wondering if there is possibly any release date or possibility that this would come out through epic games or at least fixing this issue but neither of us want to play this game by ourselves more than we did so we both returned this game because we just wanted to play the new and improved game with all these amazing features but we would rather get our money back for the game than have it lay unplayable on our pcs when we can just go back to mudrunner and have not a single issue with it there on steam.
so TLDR is when are online issues gonna be fixed for pcs and if there is a possibility that this game could come to steam

Thanks a ton Hunt

love the expansion but for some reason the log carrier in the frame add-ons will not work i have tried with medium logs and long log and nothing loads???? is there a reason for that ?

How do I stop the game from crashing at the start up screen