An Underworld Goblin with +ST and +AG as two first rolls - Any advice or ideas on what to go for next?

Greetings fellow coaches.

As you can tell from the title, I got the +ST as a 1st pick, too good to pass up, then as the 2nd it got +AG, again it was too good to pass up, probably not really beneficial, but definitely interesting.

Currently I'm thinking of using it as ball carrier, and the extra strength can be used when necessary, and will make it more difficult to take down by weaker players. But I'm not really sure which route to develop it, there are several viable options. The +AGI sort of makes Two heads unnecessary, same with extra arms. I was considering side-step, big hands or foul appearance, and if I got doubles then I would go for block, just make it difficult to take down.

Currently I got an Underworld Lineman with horns, a thrower with accurate, a thrower with extra arms, and 2x goblins with two heads and two underworld blitzers with block and mighty blow. Fairly interesting thought, a goblin with two heads + horns = +2ST when blitzing, although thats not how it works.

Any good ideas fellow coaches for the goblin with +ST and +AG? 🙂

AG is gold on a goblin. It means you dodge away always on a 2+ with stunty.

ST is good too, but it can be seen as bloaty as it more than doubles the price of a cheap goblin.

Together you have got yourself a super star player. I would go for a ball sacker.

Aim to get Wrestle on a double, then Tackle if you are truly blessed.

On normals - Horns is your first pick. Now you have a goblin who can go through tackle zones as if they are not there, and hit at S4...

By all means develop him as a ball carrier too. Foul Appearance will be good to keep him alive, but with AG4 already, I wouldn't go for Big Hands.

Regular skills horns then 2 heads, doubles block with agility and strength up if they show up again.