Reticle bounce (and fixing size) + Lens effect

So it would be very nice to have these QOL improvements when it comes to the visual effects of scopes and reticles.

1. Reticle Bounce
To make recoil look more realistic, add some reticle bounce please. Currently it looks arcady how red dots and holographic sights stay 100% fixed in the center of the screen, while the gun and scope shake violently due to recoil.

COD has this too:

Youtube Video – [06:40..]

Btw, it would help to balance full-auto fire better and make it slightly less accurate, sometimes spraying feels too accurate and easy in combination with the extremely fast TTK of this game, thus making the game quite unforgiving when being the receiver. I believe you can achieve better accessibility with a good balance between accuracy/TTK instead of making either too easy.

Another idea would be to make the bounce more violent, the longer you press the trigger, to promote single fire and short bursts over spraying-and-praying.


Actually found out it’s already in game on a few optics and made a video comparison, it looks so much better, should be on all optics.

Youtube Video

2. Lens effect
For magnified optics (non-pip setting), add the same effect that gasmasks use. It makes it appear more realistic and appealing and should be cheap to render aswell.

Youtube Video – [02:59..]

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3. Fixing Reticle size

So the reticle size of holographic and red sights with the G33 magnifier is incorrect, it should appear zoomed in aswell. Here two examples:

Youtube Video – [02:18..]

Youtube Video – [16:15..]

And here ingame (scroll down), notice how it's much too small (same size as non-magnified):

Btw, I know not everything can be made entirely realistic, I understand for example the zoomlevel ingame is 2x instead of 3x for balance reasons. But I think this would be a nice detail to have.

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