Are mods still limited in their access to game files?

I've noticed that some of the more elaborate mods are still manual install only. What are these mods missing to be able to work with subscription?

Because these mods are changing some original in game files.
Mods that are by subscription only append in game files. They don't touch or mess with the original files.
There are also a lot of things that are hard coded into the game and not even allowed for display.
Like nobody managed to discover exact code of L gears. There are some experiments thst L- and L have less pulling power, but better grip than L or 1st. But nobody saw the actual code yet.
So, you cannot mess up very easily with main game files and most likely you will be out of coop if you do so.

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Is there a source for more grip in Lminus or Low with respect to L_Plus? A few months ago L+ was kind of "Low on Steroids". More speed and more power. Now Low plus and Low FEEL clearly different in traction. But I have seen no DEVnotes.

And yes, I appreciate that. Would be especially helpful if low Minus would be same speed as low, but optionally enhanced grip for muddy sections (deflated tires e.g.)

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@JTT The problem is exactly that we have no access to the game mechanics. And the DEVs keep silent about it, though they were asked several times.
Probably the only reason for more grip in L- and L is that the grip is a function from the speed. The slower you move, the more grip you have. Since all gears currently have minimal speed threshold, L- and L actually lover this threshold so you can reach grip levels you could not reach with L or 1 just because you spin your wheels slower.
And this is why the DEVs are so not in a hurry to support steering wheels and manual gearbox. They just cannot do it properly in the mess they created.
How knows? This is just my theory. I wouldn't say for sure, until I see the actual code of this function.

My observation is, that a few months ago in June, Low Plus was the gear of choice in offroad. No matter if its high or low throttle, it felt the same except you had a speed limiter. And with the Imandra patch, I suddenly found that sometimes low or even low minus were advantageous and it felt NOT related to the slip rate of the wheel. Practically, a lower gear must have a higher torque until the wheels start wheelspin.

I would really appreciate, that freeway and offroad gearbox are more different regarding grip. Some like the dirt racing mode, I prefer the offroad and "find the best line" gameplay. Its the difference between round circuit racers and ralley drivers.

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