Twitch Blood Bowl League (TBBL) is an international PC-based league played on BB2. We have around 100 coaches at the moment split into EU and US timezone divisions. We operate a semi-perpetual tiered structure, so this means the league runs on a six season cycle (currently about to enter season 3 of 6) before a hard reset of all teams across the division. We have three tiers with the top teams entering playoffs to battle it out for the title of League Emperor.

We give out a range of prizes each season with cash prizes for the top two teams (60E and 40E) with Blood Bowl minatures as prizes for top stunty, top TDs and Top CAS. We also give out trophies for special achievements on a season by season basis. Examples include perfect seasons and nuffles plaything (sure that one doesnt need much explaining).

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in you can find our discord here: and find some more details and signup info on the forum here: