Coping with this game

Then you are either having a very bad run of luck or you are doing something very wrong.

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@dode74 only thing that has gone well is 1 TD in 2 turns (agi 4 team) were there were only 2 2+ rolls involved.

Everything else has been screwed, and I ended up losing

It is unfair to judge after only looking at two turns, but...

You are always going to have trouble if you make completely unnecessary passes as the first action of your turn.

You are also going to have trouble if at the beginning of the game you try to score in two turns. There is no need. the quicker you score, the more time the opponent has to reply.

The better coaches here are going to try to grind the ball down the field to score on turn 8.

You are rolling unnecessary dice, burning up your RRs, and ruining your turns to score early, when you shouldn't even be trying to score early.

II watched a bit of another match. It was worse.

Read some strategy guides and watch replays of top veteran coaches. Their play may look grim and boring but they will win.

Slinging the ball around and dodging and leaping all over the place is not going to get it done against these guys.

Edit: You roll too many 1s because you roll too many dice. Don't be leaving your players standing next to opponents. They will be hit.

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FYI 3rd game of the day vs pro elves, he gets a blits, I fail a jump in double one and he capitalists on it, and TD.

Kick off, he does 2 injuries in one turn, and a few stunned, and it keeps going. I have used 4 retools by turn 6, he is dodging all around and has not used one.

remember my bear has MB and has not do anything, I´m also AV8 and Im 3 players off the field

you are gonna get the same replies over and over. I been playing BB since day 1. I had a good league going with my brother and friends. We played our 4 championship games on the board each year because we know that's the only way to get "legit" results.

the last days I was trying to keep the league together I played a game with friends watching my brother and I play we combined for 9 straight rolls of a 1 in a row followed by a 3+ needed and i rolled a 2. now some of those 1's benefit me like 1,1 on my armor roll so thats good luck right? its not about good and bad luck its about 9 rolled 1s in a row between the two of us.

I play a lot of agility teams too and yeah you cant pull off one 2+ dodge with rerolls or dodge skill.

I taught my brother and friends how to play in our private league so all the talk they say of me not being as good as I think bla bla bla

Like you said the most skilled player can not beat a rookie if the skilled player rolls only 1 and the rookie only rolls 6. It is not skill and it is not luck its messed up dice.

So my opponent just manages a 4+ pass, a catch, a dodge and 2 goes for it. I never can risk rolling 3 dice or I fall

I just failed another quick pass between ago 4 players with preroll, thats like the 6th throughout the game

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He just injured my 4th player, 4 to 1 injure against same AV teams, me having MB on my bear. He has passed every 3+ even 4+ when passing

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5th injure.

Remember I´m talking brand new elves, they don´t have block, or MB or anything

6th injury, one per turn to AV8 guys with elves

I got the chance to do a TD, all I needed is a 2+ on a jump, and another 1

Third game in a row, were the pass I Can make gets intercepted on 6´s, I Can´t make a 2+ quick pass, but all my opponents roll 6s on intercepts.

I have screenshots to prove it, every single game

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Cyanide, you are fucking retards, I Challenge you to come and see this games and tell me the rolls are normal

While I may not be Cyanide, I'm happy to run your replay through a quick battery of analyses:

(Aurrezky Dantzarys)

d6 rolls: n = 153, χ2 = 5.63, p = 0.3442
d6 ac1: r = 0.0188, p = 0.4080
d6 mean: 3.4575
d6 mean t = -0.3192, p = 0.7500
Block rolls: n = 64, χ2 = 2.52, p = 0.6418


d6 rolls: n = 180, χ2 = 3.73, p = 0.5884
d6 ac1: r = -0.0361, p = 0.3143
d6 mean: 3.4667
d6 mean t = -0.2679, p = 0.7891
Block rolls: n = 131, χ2 = 10.92, p = 0.0275

Total Match

d6 rolls: n = 333, χ2 = 2.66, p = 0.7526
d6 ac1: r = 0.0116, p = 0.4162
d6 mean: 3.4625
d6 mean t = -0.4136, p = 0.6795
Block rolls: n = 195, χ2 = 11.80, p = 0.0189

The bolded lines are the only ones that even touch upon being abnormal, and even then it's only if we're ignoring family-wise error. If we want to stay within 95% CI across the entire battery of tests the lowest p value would need to be below 0.004, which it isn't.

Most importantly, though, you're not even complaining about block dice, you're complaining about d6 results, and those show as absolutely within normal expectations as far as value distributions go. You're not getting "way more 1s than 6s" or anything of that sort.

The easiest way to explain the tests is to look at the p value, and think of it as a percentage (1 being 100%, so.. 0.5 being 50% and so on) of games where we expect to see a less normal distribution of values than what we see in this one. So, if a p value is 0.75 it means that 75% of all matches can be expected to be LESS normal than this one.

I had hopes of a sensible discussion with the OP - I can see I was sadly mistaken in that.

Ok, let's just agree that Cyanide hate you and have screwed the RNG for you alone, because it works fine for everyone else.

@kaintxu said in Coping with this game:

Cyanide, you are fucking retards, I Challenge you to come and see this games and tell me the rolls are normal

So, how many games did you play yesterday? 😉


3 or 4, even the last one vs snotglings was awful, wasn't good for him either.

First game of the day, 3 times already double 1 on catch attempts which would have meant TD. I do see double ones in table top, but no were as close. and I play a league with around 40 people in different divisions.

The seed rolls too many 1´s in a row, making pass teams useless. Not saying there are not quite a few 6´s too around, but the way they are generated, all falling into rows, is a crap system,

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Hi, I have no issue going into a sensible discussion with you. Honestly not mad at any of you guys even if you defend what´s obvious to me. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and I Respect it. so happy to have it with you.

I´m just posting my arguments


Mike all that sounds goo, but does not take the context of how the plays were made. Double 1´s happen to often, which pretty much breaks everything for agility teams which has been my point from the beginning.

But as you've been told, the RNG has been tested over many, many more games then you have played and tested on it's own over more "games" than have ever been played, and there is no issue with the RNG.

So you're either just falling for perception bias or you're one of those coaches that thinks it's just Cyanide out to screw them.

Either way, if you're going to claim that the RNG is the issue then you're wrong.


Ok, I understand that it has been tested. I also commented that the roll number are usually the same, but my doubt comes in how has people tested how often double ones, or quadruple ones come up?

Has when things pop up been tested? I can confirm that way more often than in tabletop or FUMBBL those things happen