Consoles controlls(PS4, XBOXONE)

Hello NWI Dev team.
With bringing your game on consoles, what you're gonna do with controll on that platforms? It will supports gamepad only, or mouse and keyboard too?
Its very important question, because as far as I know you are positioning your game like "very competitive".
Not a single one serious FPS game on PS4 don't supports MkB(especially competitive ones) for obvious reasons of advantges some players over anothers.
I just wanna make sure you guys aware of this very important aspect in console FPS development and will make right desighn desicion considering this apect.

Best regards
P. S. Sry about literacy, english not my native language

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Do we even know if it’s forsure still coming to consoles?

I haven’t heard any talk lately about consoles. Every time I try to reach out to nwi about if we’ll the alpha/beta on consoles, I get no reply. So who knows whats going on.. they might have decided to can the idea of consoles.

Which I think would be a horrible idea, especially because I’m beyond pumped to play this on Xbox one, and because console players haven’t seen a game like this in essentially forever.

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@jsparks819 Yes, the game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

To answer the main question of the post, we currently don't plan support for keyboard/mouse in Insurgency: Sandstorm.

I'm 99.99% sure it will be coming to consoles. In fact, you might want to keep an eye for the Closed Beta from Social Media.

Speaking of controllers, maybe they should reconsider adding advance look/ aim setting for Sandstorm. Here a post I look up:

Can't wait to see how it going to look for console for Closed Beta.

@iyagovos Please don't include keyboard and mouse support on consoles, it will ruin the fun...

And please don't include aim assist in PVP.

P.S: I made a thread about this: link
Console gamers share your thoughts!

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@simonsmaga Yeah, that too. I would like if you could rebind the Shooting and Aiming buttons to R1 and L1 instead of L2/R2 repectively, im more accostumed to those. @Iyagovos

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@simonsmaga said in Consoles controlls(PS4, XBOXONE):

And please don't include aim assist in PVP.

P.S: I made a thread about this: link
Console gamers share your thoughts!

I wholeheartedly agree. I'm on PS4 and I really hope aim assist is not something they are looking to include in this game. People talk about controllers requiring such a feature but I disagree as long as they get the "feel" of the input right and allow options for players to tailor the settings.

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