Request for converting MODs

This should be a thread where you can post MODs from Spintires you would like to have in Mudrunner.
Hopefully some skilled Modders could be found who will do our requests.

I start with two forwarders

Ponsse Buffalo

HTZ T-150K

As I'm sure you're aware, converting other authors' mods without getting their permission first is highly frowned upon...

@Mexican_420 If anybody is willing to convert the MODs i will ask for permission.

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Some good tutorials(preferably of the video type) on how to convert maps and vehicle mods are what we really need.

But by all means...instead of sticking to the topic and being of any real help...let's turn this into another pointless debate about "author's permission". That's so much more constructive. 🤦🏻♂

At least as constructive as your last post...

@mudhappy said in Request for converting MODs:

Some good tutorials on how to convert maps and vehicle mods are what we really need.

+1 on that. I have loads of ST mods that are great, but the authors of the mods and maps are either long gone or not coming to MR, which means that they will/may never be converted. I can't see any harm in converting these types of mods for your own use, but I totally appreciate why some people would see this as a problem. I have converted a couple of my favs already, and somewhere on this forum I have documented some of the struggles I have encountered lol.

I think the reason why information isn't particually forthcoming is possibly because mod creators are concerned that people will just learn how to hack their mods and re-upload them as their own, which is completely understandable.

Someone has made a mesh conversion tool on (under the materials tab), the annoying thing about it is that it doesn't convert the shafts and the interior doesn't work correctly, but the mods are still playable after some jimmying with the code. On this same site there is a download of a template that contains the new lines of code that need to be added or amended to the truck and wheel classes XML to make them work in MR. It's not ideal, and it does take a some time to sort out but at least I can now use my favourite trucks from ST in MR. Haven't managed to find a way to convert maps yet though, which would be quite handy tbh.

I definitely do not condone or encourage 'stealing/hacking' other peoples work and claiming the credit or re-uploading it.

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@kingpinn is there anyway u can make a video on how to convert the mods your way???

@tinbird4322 I've done a document. I'll be honest, not gonna do a video I can't be bothered with the editing and all that, so I have written a tutorial, if you want it, DM me. I've helped another dude on here so feel free to ask any questions.

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I've just "cracked the code" for converting many(but not all) ST vehicles to MR. I'll be posting a guide thread here with detailed instructions very soon(like within the next 24 hrs.).

@Alpscruiser The link to the HTZ T-150K leads to an empty(no file) download. And the Ponsse Buffalo is an example of a vehicle I haven't figured out how to convert...yet. Due to the meshes having separate .X and XML files.

EDIT: I didn't realize the HZT T-150K was a workshop mod. I just took a quick look at it and I, or rather you, should be able to convert it easily with the method I've discovered. I'm not going to be taking mod conversion requests. I'm just going to tell you how I would do it, and you guys can figure the rest out yourselves.

EDIT 2: Thread up now.

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@mudhappy said in Request for converting MODs:

Due to the meshes having separate .X and XML files.

for those mods I just edit the classes to make sure they are up to date and add the new code lines. all of the mods I have done so far have worked that have separate .x and .xml mesh files.

these are actually the best ones because you can edit the model and add the interior and other new mesh items that are needed.

edit: oh and also have to check the meshes' xml to make sure that they are up to date too. with some of the trucks, the textures didn't work properly so I had to open them in photoshop and then save them again but as .dds files and updated the mesh .xml accordingly.

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@MudHappy Thanks will have a look and try it with the HTZ.

Btw. the Ponsse get converted by someone. You can download it at a well known russian Mod-Site.

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