Suggestion: new way to spend utility, fuel. And logs


Currently when you refuel or repair a truck, all the fuel/repair points you can spend, are used to refuel/repair.

For example, if you want to repair a truck with 500 points of damage, you have no choice but spending all the 500 points to repair it (if available of course). You cannot control the amount of repair points you use to repair the damaged truck.
It's the same logic for refueling (except when the citern is getting close to empty).

Is it possible to be able to add fuel/repair a truck by increments of 100 liters / 100 repair points? In the same logic than when you refill a citern (i.e. you can choose how much fuel you put in your citern)?
It would make it easier/better to manage repair points and fuel quantities.

Not sure I'm very clear...

Regarding log points, for trucks in a 3+3 configuration : 3 points at the back , plus 3 points in a trailer, I would like to be able to spend either the 3 log points in the truck, or the 3 log points in the trailer. Or all the 6 points if I want.
Currently, in such configuration (3+3 log points), you can only spend the full 6 log points. There is a trick to spend only 3 log points : you detach the trailer, you spend the 3 points of the truck, then you reattach the trailer, and go to the next sawmill. But it would be nice to be able to choose. 🙂
I am NOT asking to divide a load. 6 long logs should be spent as 6 points !

Again, not sure if I'm clear...

Thank you !

P.S: sorry for all the suggestions... 🙂

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I think this is already in game.
Divided into quarters if I am not mistaken, just can't say if quarters of source or receiver.
Go to Proving ground and test it on your own, I am sure you can manage to find out 🙂

Sry Sodoma but we have no choice...we need to spend all fuel and repair points if we want to repair or refuel damaged or empty truck (except when the cistern is getting close to empty).
minikeum has a nice idea with spendable 100 liters/ 100 repair points and the same way 3+3 log points it would be nice to be able to choose at the sawmill.

Thank you and sry for my bad english!

I'd like to see "optional unload" feature implemented. This bites especially hard in multiplayer runs with multiple mills. You load yourself with for example 3+3 and someone managed to get to your destination earlier, so that mean you can spend just one load to fill the mill. I'd prefer unload and leave cart for better performance with just logs on truck's bed.

would be nice to have some kind of time stomp on refueling/repairing and also more there is to refuel/repair more time it should take

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It is currently possible to unload from the trailer and not from the truck, though it takes a bit of unconventional thinking. When you pull into a Lumber Mill with Short Logs on both the truck and on a trailer, go into the Advanced Menu and choose the "Drop Load" option on your truck. The 4 Short Logs required to re-pack the truck will remain on the truck's bed, but they cannot be turned in. Once you've done this, simply exit the Advanced Menu and turn in your current load, which the game reads as only the points contained in the trailer. The loose Short Logs will remain untouched in your truck bed. Now that the load on the trailer has been delivered, simply detach the trailer and then enter the Advanced Menu again to re-pack the Short Logs on the back of your truck.

With that said, it would be nice to have an option to choose how much you repair a damaged truck or how much you refuel said truck, and here's why:

Picture the scenario - You're playing multiplayer with 2 of your best friends. Both of your friends manage to run out of fuel just 50 meters from each other, and the closest fuel station and available garage are 10 minutes+ drive away. Your truck is outfitted with fuel reserves, but you only have 200 liters of fuel in your reserves. Because of current game mechanics, you'd have to choose which one of your friends to fill up and which one to leave stranded, or you'd have to tow the other friend's truck all the way back (time consuming and uses much more fuel, potentially leaving you both stranded).

If the game allowed you to give each of yours friends 100 liters, you would all be able to make it back to a fuel station together and continue completing your objectives. Two extra options in the refueling/repair menus would help solve this entirely. One option to give all of your remaining fuel reserves or repair points, one new option to give half of your remaining fuel reserves or repair points, and a second new option to give a quarter of your remaining fuel reserves or repair points. This would give people enough options for viable strategies while also keeping the in-game menu simple and straightforward.

@oh-trials said about Unload Log Juggle in Suggestion: new way to spend utility, fuel. And logs:

It is currently possible to unload from the trailer and not from the truck, though it takes a bit of unconventional thinking etc.

I know that method, but disappearance of log or two by unpacking batch way back in SpinTires still giving me pains, so I'm not even dare to try that in MR. I was suggesting to do this obviously simple trick without dances with tambourine.

About resource spending: statistically (I'm talking about my own experience)
there's situations like that are too rare to bother implementing "exact ammount" in near future with current game engine. Current "portion" system for fuel is okay - it does draw every 100 L if current amount is less than half of capacity or if it not enough to fill targeted fuel tanks. In most cases dedicated C-truck with fuel cistern is enough for most runs and it's not that often to spend one full barrel in one game, especially if playing casual mode. When it does dry - it was because of involvement of 8x8 rigs or very long, inefficient runs.

Repairs has own feat to be added as small repair kit (120 points in most cases). Lots of mods are sinful for having packed by "little repairs" in every addon. If your truck is burning this little one may or may not improve things - usually I use that to extinguish truck (to get damage below 70%) or make it move coughing for emergency trip for some repairs. And again - if you managed to seriously FUBAR your vehicle - either leave it, drag it to garage or get dedicated truck with repairs.
P.S. If I have to bring repairs to my truck, the first thing I thinking about is questioning my own driving skills.

I would also like to see the option to fully refuel/repair or to select a certain amount of (predefined) points. So to have two options "FULL" or "100 points" for example.

But the thing I miss the most is refuelling/repairing vehicles from trailers not attached to trucks. Currently we can only use fuel/repair points from trailers that are attached to a truck. This limits the possibility to have a mobile fuel/repair station. For example I would take a fuel cistern semi-trailer, fill it up, drive it somewhere and leave it there so when I come by with another truck I could refill.

would not be the first time this has been asked about. people have asked for this since the original game.

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