Turn timer: Optional skills and Bloodlust

With LE a lot more skills have become optional which can be quite annoying when playing against coaches who set everything to manual and spend a few extra seconds on every action, especially when they tend to let the turn timer run out on top of that.

Now, assuming that the game is still being worked on, it would be great if there was some sort of change that sped up the gameplay without making it so coaches just lose games because they ran out of time during particularly crucial turns.

This has been discussed before and examples for more advanced and arguably better turn timer systems can be found in all sorts of modern games.

As annoying as the current patched up workings are, however, the way that Bloodlust works currently is just downright unfair. If you roll a 1 on a Bloodlust check you get 15 seconds to decide whether you want to RR just like every other skill. If you decide not to or do not have any RRs you have to re-do any planned action (which is pretty annoying already if you ended up next to a Thrall in the first place since). The huge problem here is that you don't get additional time for this. If you go ahead and do the same move as planned anyway, you get punished for no reason by being forced to re-issue your order, thus losing time. And in the worst case scenario where you may have to completely rethink your play this circumstance is simply game-losing.

Therefore I suggest to at least give Vamp coaches 15 extra seconds whenever they fail a Bloodlust roll that wasn't re-rolled.

In addition, I'd really like to see at least some sort of change to the way the turn timer or at least the extra choice timer works. Even just changing the automatic setting of some skills or adding a tertiary option similar to the cut-scenes option would make a huge difference. For example the Dodge option could have a setting for automatically disabling dodge whenever there's a chain push.

Edit - a few more suggestions:

Change the automatic setting behaviour for Pass and Fend. Pass should only re-roll automatically on a fumble, not inaccurate passes. Fend should not be used automatically against Frenzy.

Add an automatic setting for Wrestle that always activates Wrestle against Block.

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Also Grab needs an optional setting as well! Didn't even know you couldn't make it optional.

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I think let's just be happy they were able to work Bloodlust into the game in the first place. I forget how the exact sequences for the the skill worked out but the checks for Bloodlust aren't done in the best manner because it broke the rules of what the game was originally coded for.

As long as there are any options for any skills, it will almost always take a few seconds longer because a person must think whether or not he/she wants to do whatever the skill says it does.

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