FrogStompers release.

Currently ironing out some multiplayer issues...Sigh...Will be another update shortly.

Just wanted to mention that the tears in the creek and ground that I found were not in the updated version. I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing when selecting the map. I chose the wrong version. So those issues have evidently been fixed. The little anti-gravity water hump in that pond is still there in the updated version though. Something tells me you already know all this. But...anyway...yeah. I guess I feel like less of an idiot if I explain myself now. Or something...

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Thanks MudHappy.

I have since fixed the water, and my MP issues.
Updated file has been uploaded.

Sick map bro!! Nice work!!

have not checked out the map yet, but wanting to just say that not all maps are perfect and there will be some spots here and there which is normal really. just have to be careful on how hard you really look, because once you start looking you generally start seeing all kinds of little "flaws" all over the place. lol

This is a fantastic map! huge and detailed. Thanks for sharing

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Very Impressive Map Man, Nice Work.

@fatboy, This doesn't work with the new version, huh? I just tried it and there are no vehicle slots. 😞

@tattoo I wasn't aware....I'll look into it, thanks for the info.

Damn, how did I miss this map! Going by the images alone it looks a rough ride.. In a good way. Will let you know how it goes!


Not going to bother updating this one, working version now in the Workshop


Cool video Sully, thanks for sharing, hope you're enjoying the map.