Since the in-game bug report functionality does not appear to work at the moment, I am instead posting the bug report here. Please let me know in case there's any alternative location I can use to report issues like this and I'll be happy to report this there again.

When using the 6x-3x Red Ring Scope upgrade with the Mosin-Nagant, also choosing the Stripper Clip upgrade is not possible. However, if the 6x-3x T Scope is used, even though it essentially has the same dimensions and is even located a little bit lower, it is possible to apply the Stripper Clip upgrade.

It doesn't make sense to make an upgrade incompatible with one upgrade but not make it incompatible with another upgrade that blocks about the same amount of space. Either both the 6x-3x Red Ring Scope and the 6x-3x T Scope should allow the use of a Stripper Clip, or neither of them should.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Equip a Mosin-Nagant.
  2. Add the Stripper Clip upgrade.
  3. Notice that the 6x-3x Red Ring Scope is greyed out while the 6x-3x T Scope is not.