Trouble loading maps.

I'd given someone my map to test, it was working fine yesterday but suddenly today it does not.

He has tried it with JSGME, and manually in the Media folder in the main directory. Any ideas why it would suddenly fail?

It's the file missing/broken error.

Game Directory: Media folder> classes, levels, meshes, textures.

Or JSGME> Map named folder > Media > classes, levels, meshes, textures.

Mine loads fine with JSGME, his does not.

Any ideas?

I find that it freaks out when you change maps and that you have to try and load the original game files in between loads. The error usually shows up as missing textures but I've had that error before on my own map. Cycle it a few times and see if it clicks. If that doesn't work I'd suggest double checking his game version and mudrunner mod version as those could throw up that error. If he recently updated his mudrunner mod from a older version to 1.6.10 and didn't wipe out that d3d9.dll file - go into directory and delete the d3d9.dll, uninstall mod and reinstall mod. If he just updated it likely didn't overwrite the d3d9.dll file.

My mistake! I forgot to include my brick classes xml and .x and .xml for meshes!!

Because I have them I forgot to include them in the folder I gave over..

Woops, all sorted now haha.

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