Crash/ Freezes during Tutorial - Auger Array

So have had nothing but trouble with this game never able to get past the tutorial, get past the mine and heading the Auger Array, and the system freezes and I after awhile I get a message that states your Drivers stopped responding. or the game stopped responding. So customer support told me my video card at the time was not potent enough ( Nvidia GT 730) so I upgraded it and made sure i Have the most up-to-date drivers and yet still failing at the exact same spot. So I reached out to support yet again and they are not even answering my emails anymore.

My system:
AMD FX-6300 (6-Core) 3.5Ghz
16GB Ram
Nvidia GTX 1050Ti
5TB hard drive

Community Manager

Are you still encountering the issue saying that your drivers have stopped responding?

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