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Very excited to see how deeply scarred this game is going to make me!

Thanks for making this game.

Looking forward to your game. I hope a beta of some sort will be made available for Youtubers, I want to see what you are doing!
(P.S. Disappointed that no trolling is allowed) 😞

Can't wait to jump into the world of Lovecraft!

Thank you for making this game! My name is Lorenzo and i go by the alias Nostromo!

Hi, Im J from São Paulo, Brazil, and my hopes are high! Please bring a cool experience for us all!

I absolutely cannot wait for this game! The trailers thus far have been spectacular! Looks like we are in for a mind-bending experience.

A longtime player of the pen and paper RPG, from San Diego. I am very excited about the game!

Hi you all. Just can't wait to play the game XD

Greetings, all! Really looking forward to a lovely jaunt into madness!

Hey guys, my name is Rene and
I’m from Germany.
I’m looking forward to the release.
Will there be a demo before the release?

I love the Cthulhu Story’s and Lovecraft books.
Always wanted to play the Cthulhu board games but I don’t know anybody to play games like that.

I just saw one trailer and I was hooked.
Definitely gonna spread the word about your game on my instagram page, i hope my friends like that game too.
I’m a hobby streamer and can’t wait to play that game on my stream.

Hello Inspectors ahah,
Merci beaucoup pour avoir ce jeu ❤

About me, I'm Bryac, I live in France, and I love Lovecraft's book ! I have preorder the game last month !

(Sorry if there are some mistakes, French people don't speak very well English)