Game design problem: 4x4 vs 6x6

I like to start exploring the maps with the 4x4 and thats the only job that the 4x4 have (until the crane trailer, huh? huh?). The problem is that the 6x6 are simply better at that. Take any empty 6x6 (not the 131 LOL) and it just plows through everything very fast, so fast that it feels almost like cheating. So fast that makes you think that the 4x4 have effectively no role in this game.

You could say that the 6x6 consume more fuel but 200 L is A LOT in an empty truck and in case of need you can just go to a fuel station near to an exploration point. The time you loose doing that is minimal and in exchange you get a much more enjoyable and less frustrating trip.

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@araxp i admit i have a thing for the Ural, but will have to agree. when it comes to exploring, uncloaking a map or just about anything other than achievement stuff, i always take some kind of 6x6. they just get the job done easier and faster imo. however for me this is just personal preference though really.

I agree. I remember that in Oldtires, my favorite exploration vehicle was Ural 4320, instead of a UAZ or Luaz that got stuck in mud very quickly or waded through the mud so slowly that it pissed me off. I do not know, maybe 4x4s are broken?

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I went thru a lot of 4x4, mostly UAZs, but some other as well. I was looking for some nice and agile scouting vehicle, with a capability of quick fuel/maintanance respond for my main delivery truck. It was in ST days.
I have to say I wasn't successfull. Lot of them was just ludicrously OP, some were just ugly. But there was one thing, that was shared by all of them.
None of 4x4 I've went thru behaved like a proper car. Usually they were just jumping around like a box of matches on a string pulled around. Based on that, I am afraid that there is something not working properly with cars lighter than something...

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@sodoma will agree, there is something about the small vehicles in the game that seems unnatural to me. like you are saying Sodoma, they just seem a bit too light or something. even some of the best mod 4x4's act a little funny as well, but not quite as much as the stock 4x4's though imo. i think one reason for this could be that the game was first designed around the Ural and/or Kraz. years ago (2009 i think?) well before there was even a demo i remember seeing a few vids posted about this new game being worked on, but no one knew what it was exactly. some people were thinking it was going to be the new 1nsane or 2nsane game. what it was though was what i can only figure as being the vids @Pavel had made to show off his creation for his school project or for using to show to companies to try and get support for making a demo version. it only had the Ural and i think maybe the Kraz. they were just driving around at night and it showed off the deformable terrain. so this is making me think the game is designed around a 6x6 and everything is kind of based around this "starting vehicle" for the game. heck even in the game files it uses the Ural as a reference base still.

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He who has the biggest tyres has the right of way! 🙂 Could another reason be that the terrain typically found in real life areas as depicted on the maps is so much more hostile to small 4x4s? I mean when you start a map from new (reset) the existing ruts shown before you even drive down a track creating your own have been made by big vehicles. (XBOX One user here).

@difflock66 true, but the smaller vehicles do have a bit of unnatural thing or feel when driving them. really though i will still always use a C type whenever i can, because that is what i prefer the most. double so if it is one of the Urals lol.

The newest "scout" car - Luaz. I tried to play with it a bit on Valley but this car did so badly in the terrain that I quickly launched the map again this time choosing b 131.

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LuAZ has some usefull addons at least...(compare to UAZs)
But yes, if possible, B131 is also my most favorite support vehicle 🙂

I may be wrong, but I think the weird way that the smaller vehicles drive has got something to do with the wheels mass and friction values. I decided to have a bit of an experiment and changed the small wheels' mass to SuperHeavy, which generally appeared to make the smaller vehicles behave better/less weird in terms suspension strength and behaviour, compared with the default mass value for said wheels. I also noticed that if the friction values are too high, the vehicles tend to act like weebles (shouts to any one who knows what they are 😆), almost like the tyres are stuck to the ground by velcro.

IMO wheel mass shouldn't really have any effect on the vehicles suspension, and maybe should be reconsidered.

@araxp on hardcore u will run otu of fuel really quickly in 6x6 if u try to explore but 4x4 has enough u can do full map without refueling

@kingpinn yeah, the way the game has always "tied" things together can cause some headaches. but i agree it does have something to do with the way they are set up. i noticed this as well when i changed a few things. playing with the xml i got it to handle differently, but i do not know what i am doing really with xml stuff. i shall leave that to those who do know or at least have some idea of what they are doing. lol

@8up-local haha, I do love a bit of tinkering in the xml's.. I also found that 'SuperHeavy' wheels have more traction than 'Heavy' wheels, I didn't check to any great extent the traction of the lighter mass values, but I would hazard a guess that they are offer less grip the lighter they are. I may be wrong tho.

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