MudRunner is on the Epic Games Store!


Hello MudRunners!

We're excited to announce that MudRunner is now on the EGS, available to download for FREE for a week, and with all its DLC up to 50% off! On top of this, Steam-EGS crossplay is available, letting you play with all your friends regardless of where they got the game.

If you’re playing on Steam and want to play MudRunner with players on the Epic Games Store (EGS), you'll need to have an EGS account. When joining the multiplayer menu, you’ll be asked if you want to enable crossplay.
If you don’t accept, you can only play with other Steam players that haven’t enabled crossplay.
If you accept, a web page will open in your browser asking you to log in to (or create) an EGS account.

To play MudRunner with friends from the Epic Game Store, you'll need to link your EGS account and Steam account.

How to find my friends from Epic Game store:

First, you must link your Steam and Epic Games account. Please follow these instructions.

Once you've linked your accounts, a permission box will appear in your internet browser the next time you launch MudRunner on Steam.

Finally, to find your Epic Friends on Steam, you need to allow this permission:

MicrosoftTeams-image (3).png

Now, after creating a lobby, you will find your EGS friends in the friends list.

This update also fixes an issue with mods on Steam where mods created after June 2020 were not working in multiplayer.

We hope you enjoy playing with your friends across both Steam and the EGS!

In case you encounter major issues with this update, you can revert to the previous build.
To do this, go to your library, right-click on MudRunner > Properties > BETAS > Select “vers_11_05_19”

Roll out, MudRunners!

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Hello there! I have a problem with multiplayer in Mudrunner, when I start the game, a friend is connecting to the game, and then it says 'error connecting to the game'. There are definitely no problems with the Internet, what should I do?

How to continue a multiplayer game with friends in MudRunner? There's no way to invite friends to a multiplayer game in progress. When we play through Steam it is possible, because we can invite them, or join them. But there's no way to do that in Epic Games Launcher. So, if we play MudRunner for hours, after leaving the current game we lost our progress, because we have to start another game to play together again.

One think about mudRunner on EPIC need to be addressed!
The version from EPIG-games does not include the map-editor. In fact the version does not allow you to make maps at all.
It is not as if the free version was limited. Even now, if you buy mudRunner from EPIC-store, you will not be able to create your own maps.
EPIC-store does simply not include any Editor option at all!
Nobody can/ should complain about a gift! -But if you contemplate to buy mudRunner now, and one of your objectives is to make new maps for singleplayer, you should not get mudRunner from EPIC-store, instead you should get the version from STEAM, that is the only version that includes a map-editor, and it is free of charge (was when i wrote this -at least).
I have approached EPIC-games, and requested a map-editor. They said that they do not have any current plan for making one.😖