* * * Season XII - Climb for the Cup - Part IV - The Round of 32

Hello-again Blood Bowl Fans,

This is Coach Arthur Dee with the long-delayed, and fourth installment in our Season XII Climb for the Cup. The last two weeks of actual weather in Interior Alaska have been consecutive 12's (if you know what I mean).
Blood Bowl has helped make these winter months more enjoyable.
* * * Season XII - The Dark'rside Dreampirates

We made the playoffs!
With a regular season W-D-L record of 13-2-6 (5 Disconnections), we finished 23rd overall, and only a single rung above the next (hilariously also pirate-themed) Dark Elf team of Coach UppityTerror37's Dead Sea Pirates. With a number of teams dropping-out near the end of the season for various reasons (Congratulations to Season XI Champion Svetsor), it was a relief to qualify with our maxed-out DC limit.
Now, onto the Match-Report!

Errare Humanum Est vs. Dark'rside Dreampirates

Errare Humanum Est - 1
Dark'rside Dreampirates - 2

The match was in front of our hometown fans, and with a noteworthy TV advantage, so the basic goal was to leverage our player development to victory, and of course, limiting calamity as much as possible. My thanks again to Coach Patbat83 for a fantastic match that saw both teams scoring on their offensive drives (Nerves of Steel!); Knockouts, Serious Injuries, Fouls, Passes, Interception Rolls, and Deaths-in-the-plural, that was ultimately decided in Overtime, 2-1 in favor of the Dreampirates.
After being eliminated in the Round of 32 last season, I was really keen to get "over the hump" of the postseason first round, and I think my play really showed it. I focused a great deal more restraint than last season, and tried to concentrate on the most logical path to victory as it evolved, which in this case, turned out to be the Overtime endgame. A real brain-burner!
Here is a Goblin Spy-view of the Dreampirate squad after their first-ever playoff win:
0_1520493479966_Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 10.17.14 PM.png
Maybe I should play Pro Cycling Manager instead, because the Human team killed two Dark Elf players, and we have a huge match next.
I belly-laughed when I was finally able to get around to the statistics on the match, because it makes the eulogy for Thracian Thunderthief even more hilarious. This was the first match I have been able to use sidestepping players, so I looked forward to using that for position-control and damage-control...

Thracian Thunderthief
Dark Elf Blitzer // 31 SPP
Ma St Ag Av
7 / 3 / 4 / 8 - Block Tackle, Dodge, Sidestep

Thracian Thunderthief has clapped his last.
Homey had skills.
Homey was blocked twice in his final match.
Homey was first blocked in the first half and saved from a Serious Injury by the team Apothecary.
Homey was blocked a second time in the second half and permanently retired.
I wouldn't have the MVP awarded any other way.
*Achievement Unlocked
This game is the best.

I have to watch the replay to see if it was Patbat83's brilliantly-behaved Ogre "Vulgott Ouvre-Trippes" that inflicted the casualty each time. That would make me chuckle even more. Also, single-skill Lineman "Baal, second-of-his-name, Blackmail" was assuredly slain on the LOS by Vulgott, at the close of regular time. At this point in the season, I believe the Blackmail dynasty has died-off, and no longer will have a place with the Dreampirates.

      • The Round of 16 Preview

I look forward to the next round against Coach @CalciumCas's Dwarf Team, Anger Management Issues.

With an as-of-yet-undecided amount of hundreds in Inducements to spend, this match for me feels like a boss-fight in a video game.
I have enjoyed a great deal of content from CC over the last few months, and I look forward to playing opposite against him again in a playoff contest.
That Dwarf team is stout, and I just might have to throw some electric dice if I want to have any chance of withstanding the tackles and advancing in the competition.

Do I even hire a Rookie Blitzer?
I will have a lot of options to mull-over as I jam to the Dark'rside Dreampirates Team Anthem while I shovel snow into the weekend.

Shout-out to community-contributor @Bernie-Buffon
I had a great time listening to the latest XBLOX community show Blood on the Box via ThemTube, with guest @WRA1THLORD, covering a number of community issues and the state-of-the-postseason. I like to check it out to properly follow-along with the Blood Bowl Champions Cup, and be better connected in the 2018 hobby.

Thank you again for clicking, reading and please don't hesitate to let me know what you think about the team blog.
I'm just a small-town, Alaskan-American artist-type sharing what I can.

One of my favorite things about Blood Bowl is that even when you lose, you can still find a dozen wild reasons to have had a great time.

To err is human, To arr is pirate,

  • Arthur Dee

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