Known issues - November

To try and keep things in order, I've made this post if a mod could sticky it to show up top.

I don't play on all platforms so I will address any Xbox issues I've encountered, not sure how many are cross platform issues though, if others could update the other platforms.

All of these bugs have been observed AFTER the lay-mechanic patch.

Crew stats:
Total damage done caps at 99,999
Resources Sent to House calculate wrong after a few operations (it should never be higher than Gathered in mission + Stolen from enemy HQ)

alt text

Level 6 armour has 0% resistance
High level large gangs crash on load (62%)
Crew members swap places on the crew screen.

AI uses chem syn grenades over and over in one turn.
AI use homemade nades on themselves.
AI will sometimes not fight each other if locked in combat and will instead end their turn having spent no AP or MP.
AI pathfinding interupted by small parts of scenery or sheer incompetence.

Edits: AI won't equip a single handed weapon after picking up objective, even if they have one available
Fighter reports:
If you save during an operation and reload the game later, your crew only get 10xp for surviving the mission instead of the difficulty based reward for the operation.

Please help the devs polish out these few bugs (some gamebreaking) so that we can enjoy the game more and look forward to updates and new content.

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have another one, dunno if it was mentioned anywhere before, the AI won't equip a one handed weapon if they are carrying something even if they have several to choose from in their inventory.

Thanks. I was able to edit the first post. This has also been observed by myself.