Welcome back to Lord Mortimer’s Island. Let me take your coat.

Today we will discuss that most important of topics - the state of the world on this, January 20th, the year of our Lord 1793.

Globally, the world is entering a new era. The United States is newly formed as an independent entity, with President George Washington serving his second term and the country well on its way to becoming a military and economic powerhouse.

In France, the revolution rages on into its fourth year, with King Louis XVI being executed tomorrow. As has been true for centuries, all of Europe is either on the brink or in the midst of war within itself.


Off the coast of England lies a desolate island with one magnificent structure, Lord Mortimer’s mansion. Here he gathers together men and women of power and influence from around the world, hosting parties that redefine the course of history. Among the guests are a French revolutionary leader, a Prussian minister, an English Baron, heads of state from the world over - and you.

Louis Mauras de Richet, son of Sarah Faustine de Richet, arrives on the island in search of his mother. She is the head of the Golden Order, a secret society in which Louis himself is a member, destined to take his mother’s place in the coming years. Lord Mortimer invited him as Sarah has gone missing - though there is evidence she is still alive somewhere on the massive estate.


On the way, he has already met Emily Hillsborrow, a duchess of England close to the Crown, and Giuseppe Piaggi, a cardinal close to the Pope. Neither is being entirely honest about their own knowledge of the de Richet family, as you’ll discover in the coming hours.

This is merely the beginning of our tale. From here the course of Louis’ life, the fate of Sarah de Richet, and the future of the world are down to your choices and their consequences. Be thoughtful and deliberate - what you do next will change everything.

The Council Episode 1 “The Mad Ones” releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 13, 2018. thecouncil-game.com

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