Is the 770G wading depth correct?

The air intake filter seems to be some distance from the water surface.

That's good question. Yesterday I tested the truck and this big black barrel is definitely an air intake filter. So it supposed to be able to go that much deep. But in the game it can barely go to the beginning of the radiator.
Probably it was again made by purpose for this stupid game play balance against reality and common sense.

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@blackjack01 Hello. It's SnowRunner Support Team. Thanks for the info and screens provided.
Do you experience such problem with any other trucks?

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I guess that air intake is only for looks. It's probably a bug where the game doesn't recognize it as an intake or the depth isn't specified correctly.

BTW, why is this in the PTS forum? I think PTS is dormant right now.


I was surprised that the P12 has a low water tolerance and no access to any snorkel. You may check that truck too - it seems to drown its engine in any frog-pond.