Add Special Play Cards to the game

They are a part of the core mechanics, and it really seems like something that may add much more flavor and fun and variety to the game. Implementing it in the future could become one more selling feature for the game. Though I understand it's extremely complex task, but first not having them in the old game, and now in the new one, seems really discouraging. Adding them would prove that the project is definitely evolving, not only in terms of visuals.

Quoting CRP:

There are three methods recommended for a commissioner to choose from for using the Special Play Cards in his league.

  1. The Special Play Card decks are added to the list of Inducements that each coach may purchase on page 28. Special Play Cards should be limited to no more than 5 total draws from all the decks.
  2. The Special Play Card decks are used in replacement of the Inducements listed on page 28. Special Play Cards should be limited to no more than 5 total draws from all the decks.
  3. Special Play Cards cannot be used as Inducement purchases. Each coach is instead given between 50,000 and 200,000 gold pieces (commissioner’s choice) useable solely for the purchase of Special Play Cards at the start of each match. This gold cannot be carried over beyond the current match and is in addition to any Inducement gold received by the team for this game.
    Note: If a league uses both the Special Play Cards and the Inducement System on page 28, coaches should be allowed to purchase Special Play Cards and see which card(s) they draw before purchasing any other inducements.

The 3rd item seems like THE thing to me. So CRP actually allows to distribute those cards for free before each match! It would allow to spice up game significantly without even deviating that much from core tabletop mechanics!

The only change I would still make here is to not allow coaches to choose decks for those free cards as I believe meta already is devised, and some decks are considered much more useful than others, so it will reduce variety, as mostly only popular decks will be used. In addition, some decks are extremely powerful (they usually have less cards in them). So I think a better approach is to randomly choose a card from the whole set of all cards (like there are no decks at all) when handing them off to coaches - this way rare and powerful cards will have lesser chance to be drawn, and coaches won't be able to increase their odds to draw them by choosing corresponding deck.

Thus instead of giving them money to buy them, as recommended by CRP, they are just given some fixed number of cards each. An approach from BB2016/DZ can be used here, where number of cards to draw is tied to overdog's TV, plus player must discard one card of his choice (so if 5 were drawn, he can keep only 4)

For those cards purchased as inducements (if allowed; I think adding them only as inducements is a waste of all those efforts, as they will do a little difference and will be rarely used; handing off them for free before each match is a totally new winning feature adding a lot of variety to the game, so it must be prioritized) I think choice should be allowed, though.

This feature should be made optional for private leagues.

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You're not quoting CRP, you're quoting BB2016. In CRP they are an optional inducement mentioned in the Optional League Rules page. BB2 is CRP, not BB2016.


It's CRP. Check page 32. I was surprised myself, as I also thought they are inducements-only.

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What's the heading in great big bold letters on page 32?


Well, you know, Apo, block assists, interceptions, pass fumbles etc are also optional rules, by CRP 🙂

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You failed to answer the question. I can't imagine why... 😉

It says Optional League Rules in really big letters. It's not listed along with apo, block assists etc, and is not on the same level as them. It specifies at the top of that page (and I am quoting):

The following are recommended changes to the rules for leagues presented in pages 24 to 29 of this handbook for commissioners to consider using in their own leagues.

So no, it's not in-game things like apo, interceptions etc it's talking about, but the league management stuff such as MVP awards and pre- and post-match sequence. Claiming that to be at the same level as the match-level options is disingenuous (and I think you know that!).
Other things listed there are MVP changes, SE changes, use of inducements in certain match types, free fan factor and extra starting cash for shorter leagues.

So no, Special Play Cards are NOT a core mechanic (which was your initial claim). I certainly wouldn't be opposed to having them - I think they'd be a great addition including all 3 methods of using them. But at least let's be honest about what they are: an optional league rule.

Well, I just see everything in the CRP as core mechanics, just some of them optional. But regardless of whether you perceive it a mandatory or not, it's still a good deal of fun and variety that still is missing in the game. Yes, just a cursory look at the cards' effects made it obvious to me why - it will require a lot of efforts to implement this, from developers' point of view. Yet, so far, we can't really see any significant improvents in BB2 over the older game, in terms of actual contents. Better visuals and more clear UI, 2 new teams (but 1 old one was lost in transition, Khorne Daemons), that's about all. It's still strives to provide MP experience comparable to the old game. In LE there also will be some tools to customize teams, which is new thing, I give them that. So far, that's all? I still think Special Play Cards would be a great point in arguments about why BB2 is better than BB1

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I think when the page itself says in great big letters that the stuff on it is optional, and that page explains how these are possible changes to other rules, then it's not unreasonable to think that the stuff on that page is optional. Unless you think that all the different forms of MVP rule are core mechanics, for example?

As for improvement over BB1, I think one of the biggest improvements has been stability and reconnection. The other has been the level of support and communication maintained, which has been far better. I don't think Cyanide have to sell BB2 as being a better option than BB1 any more since BB2 is already far more played, particularly in MP. There are few MP BB1 leagues around any more.

@dode74 said in Add Special Play Cards to the game:

As for improvement over BB1, I think one of the biggest improvements has been stability and reconnection. The other has been the level of support and communication maintained,

With all due respect, this is not something justifying selling a new game. It's not even related to BB in any way. More like something they could (and should) provide in the old game in the first place 😛

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Well there are many things which many people would argue "should" be in the game, and should have been since day 1 of BB1 in 2009. The team editor is one example that I suggested way back then, and there are plenty of others including the cards as an Optional League Rule. That's not the position we are in now, though: we have BB2 and you were comparing it with BB1.

So yes, cards would be a great addition, they really would. But they are, regardless of how you "see everything in CRP", an optional league rule. It's one I'd love to have, ofc, but again, let's be honest about what they are.

I'd like to see special play cards as a league option, but not default in the official ladder. Hell, I'd even like to see BB2016 as an optional (and I stress optional) ruleset for private leagues.

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I think more options are always viewed as a good thing, then the Commissioners are free to choose what they allow and what they don't.

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