Here is how I would probably balance them. Did I miss any?

1 point:

  • 1x Holos/Red Dots (keep the same).
  • Alternative irons like the M4 flipups (keep same).
  • 1.5x optics (including G36 and AUG).

2 points:

  • AUG 3x Scope (keep the same).
  • Garand M1C (keep the same, the toggleable Holos/Red Dots are better).

3 points:

  • 2x Toggleable Holos/Red Dots (at 2 points there is absolutely no point in choosing 1x optics anymore. 3 points makes sense because you basically choose 2 scopes, a 1x sight costing 1 point and the old 2x scope which was 2 points).

  • M150/4x PSO (keep the same).

  • Susat 3x with irons (cheaper alternative to 4x with irons).

  • G36 3x with Red Dot (comparable with Susat, Red Dot is quite crappy, though so cool hehe).

  • 7x Sniper Scopes.

4 points:

  • 4x with irons (clearly the better option over the M150/PSO).
  • 3x-6x (again, clearly the better option over the M150/PSO aswell as the 7x scopes).

5 points:

  • 4x with Red Dot (these are absolutely superior, must be a huge trade off choosing these)

I think the animation of switching between the 4x and 1x Red Dot should be slightly slower. It's why I think the 4x/1x lever switch of the specter DR would've been more balanced, just like the eotech magnifier animation makes it naturally more balanced.

Additional feedback
The upgrades UI became quite bloated tbh, maybe consider separating the categories into different UI elements, like INS'14:

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