Gun Cosmetics
Like you can have different gun camo’s, (which don't affect gun characteristics) it could also be an idea to have different attachment models/colors available. These cosmetics could either be unlocked with credits (or through DLC).

The main idea of the attachment cosmetic system is to be able customize the attachments and change that to a model/color of your liking. For example, the Recoil Grip can be cosmetically changed to any of the vertical grips that came in 1.8, to whichever model you like the most. The functionality will remain unchanged though. More examples would be different suppressor models, compensators, buttstocks and and slings in different camo’s etc.

You can only customize the attachment you specifically choose to upgrade (unless it's DLC), this way you have visual reference of which part you upgraded, which also makes sense it how it affects the weapon characteristics. I will explain further below.

Attachment system overhaul

So with this new attachment system idea, the Quick Draw Grip and the Reloading Grip will be replaced by upgrades that make more sense:

  • Quick Draw Grip --> Tactical Sling.
  • Reloading Grip --> Quick Draw Mags.

These upgrades will be put into their own category and can also be combined, HOWEVER; each upgrade will cost more so that point balancing does the actual job of balancing instead of being restricted by design (having all upgrades in the same under barrel category). The whole point of the point system is to restrict the number of upgrades or equipment when choosing better gear right?

The points could also be different per class or gun to further fine tune the balance.

Here an overview of the changes + some new upgrade ideas aswell:

Under Barrel Upgrades:

  • Muzzle Control Grip [3 points]
    Another name for the Recoil Grip, just sounds better (again, can be cosmetically changed to any of the vertical grip models ingame already).

  • C-Clamp grip [4 points]
    The Aiming Grip. A secondary cosmetic option could be the AFG angled (originally pointshooting) grip.

Muzzle Upgrades:

  • Flash Hider [2 points]

  • Compensator [4 points]

  • Suppressor [4 points]

Magazine Upgrades:

  • Quickdraw Mags [3 points]
    Replaces the Reload Grip for faster reloading. Could be visualized with different magazine models/colors (or magpuls, improvised ones for insurgents).

  • Extended Mags [3* points]
    The amount of points will be determined by the amount of extra round you get (percentage wise possibly).
    A new example would a 40 rounds Assault Rifle mag that replaces the 35 round mag. Costs more (3 points be fair probably) and is a tradeoff versus the Quickdraw Mag. On top of that you should only get:
    -4 mags with the Light Carrier
    -5 mags with the Heavy Carrier
    Could potentially be nerfed with slightly slower reload times if needed.

Stock Upgrades:

  • Ergonomic Stock [1 point]
    Allows to focus longer. Either visualized a cheek rest or another stock model.

  • Tactical Sling [2 points]
    Replaces the Quick Draw Grip. Visualized with a real sling model. A 1-point sling is probably the easiest to design visually, but for heavy weapons it would make more sense to have either 2 or 3-point slings.

Siderail Upgrades:

  • PEQ + Flashlight [3 points]
    You can switch on and off with H like before and with another keybind you can "scroll" through the following modes:
    • Laser only
    • Flashlight only
    • Both on
  • IR PEQ + IR Flashlight [3 points]


  • Pointshooting [0 points]
    Requires the PEQ+Flashlight upgrade switched on in order to pointshoot.

  • Steady Aim [1 point]
    By default, the sway pattern will be the Perlin noise model (pre-patch 1.5), when choosing this Training Upgrade, it will be changed to the more predictable Lissajous curve (the current pattern, post-patch 1.5). Especially useful for Sniper/DMR roles.

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