MuRunner PS4 - My DLC does not appear in-game

I have the PS4 version of MuRunner and even though I have acquired the Valley DLC through the Playstation Store, when I am in game the DLC is not present. I have tried restarting the game, rebooting the console and even throwing out the game app and reinstalling it from the disk. Nothing I do will allow me to use the DLC in-game. I don't know what to do at this point. Any suggestions?

Community Manager

Hi there!

Have you tried restoring your licenses to your account?

Let us know if this doesn't fix your issues!

Ok, I restored the license but unfortunately it had no effect. Another anomaly I have discovered here is in the game's menu in the upper left corner of screen there is a message that tells me that there is new content available for the game and that I can hit triangle to access it. So when I hit triangle it then takes me into the playstation store where it immediately tells me that "this content cannot be selected at this time".

Different console but similar in-game menu issue:- I had a similar message about "content cannot be selected" on XBOX One. However, when I went to the MS Store, I could download the Valley... and I've been able to use it fine ever since

I'm in the United States.

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