Steam "Sorry, Mudrunner crashed. Please relaunch the game"

I bought game 2 days ago and what i playing it near 2 ours in 1 session, i get that massage (Sorry, Mudrunner crashed. Please relaunch the game) and game crashes. I didnt find how to fix it on the internet. What can i do with it?

I have the same problem

@Gawar @Lion8
Thank you for the reports.
Did you try to reinstall the game or verify game files through Epic Games launcher?

We are currently gathering information from players to find out the reasons of this bugs and to fix it as soon as possible.
Please send us your DxDiag (press Win + R, enter ""dxdiag"", press Enter and in the new window click ""Save all information""), as well as logs, if there are any (C: \ Users \ * username * \ AppData \ Roaming \ MudRunner) by the mail at
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Hello @JoshD
Thank you for the report.
Can you please mention what was the name before you rename this folder.
And with what name does it works?
We will investigate.

Hello @rudeborya

I have the same issue. I found, it's caused by crossplay.
If I disabe crossplay in config.xml, game works, but when it's enabled, game crashing on startup, after 5sec.

@liszkai Hello!
Can you add some details in your solution? In what folder you find config.xml? (there are two Config.xml)

@aessiq Hi,

I mean %AppData%\SpinTires MudRunner\Config.xml
and the line is: CrossplayEnabled="false"
Mudrunner steam version.

Confirmed on 3 different PC.

@JoshD Config file delete or rename is bad practice, because the deleted file will be downloaded from cloud. Open the file and change line Crossplayenabled="true" to false.

@liszkai It's already false. I think I know what my problem is & I'm sure it's user error, I'll test later.

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Mine looks to have been somewhat user error, my bad.

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