What FPS game provide the most realistic weapon recoil?

I think its PUBG because we can see the crosshair hoping up and down.

Many game today just make the weapon move back in the screen direction.

What you opinion?

Youtube Video

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Ohh that looks very good actually, never been interested in playing pubg really, but the recoil mechanics definitely look better than in sandstorm. The reticles seem to have actual parallax free mechanics that makes them bounce with the recoil and even some visual effect of losing sight alignment (apparent in that 4x scope).

It's one thing I don't understand in sandstorm, it aims for more realism than most shooters, yet the recoil mechanics are so arcade. It's very old school and basic, where you just aim with the middle of the screen overlay crosshair and spray away with 100% center accuracy. The reticle even stays perfectly centered without bouncing a single bit while the scope and gun recoil violently, it looks quite ridiculous tbh.

Balance wise the current design is questionable aswell, especially full-auto is way too easy, it's just too deadly combined with the extreme fast TTK. It makes the game unnecessarily unforgiving and you have no chance when being the receiver, no matter the distance. I think the game would be more fun if semi-auto was the "easy" mode and full-auto was a tool only viable in CQB, so that the pace and gameplay doesn't change there.