Ideas for new trucks and add ons (console)

This forum is just for people to throw some ideas out there for the next coming dlc's.
Heres some of my picks,
70s pickup, or 70s 4x4 van (example 75 gmc vandura, or 69 ford f250) a willys or cj jeeps are really cool. I see alot of the pc guys have the newer dually diesel trucks.
For add ons a welder would be really cool

I suspect a USA DLC would solve most of your issues. However, there are loads of big badass trucks from around the world which should also be implemented, but it all depends upon the maps - trail map or industry map (logging, supply runs etc.) It's great that Mud Runner is getting noticed as the "go-to" game/simulator for all kinds of off-road shenanigans.

i would love properly made hammer H1 in usa dlc as scout/utility vehicle like new A class with small refueling and repairs would be amazing to see H1 its such a legend truck i mean look at this bad boy ❤
alt text

@difflock66 very true, cant wait to see what the usa maps look like. So much different terrain.

@zamal nice! Those h1's are dope. I want to see a flatbed addon, or stepside! 🤘

They just dropped a whole raft of Hommers on a certain other website...

Yes I totally agree we so need trucks like

  1. 1940s- 2018 Chevrolet Silverado trucks
  2. Even the elcamio lifted and the ranchero lifted
  3. The Hummer h1,H2,h3
  4. 1968,69,70,71, dodge charger
  5. Jeeps of all kinds and sizes
  6. 1970s- 1990s subarbons two and four door
  7. 1968-1973 Chevrolet chevelle lifted
  8. And even crazy cool vehicles like a lifted school bus and a firetrucks and ambulance and even crazier police cars

Having a Lincoln electric welder to put in the back of your vehicle would be cool I like that idea. But we should have alot of add-ons like bumpers brush guards lift kits, snorkeling kits motorcycle on the back. We should be able to have lots of add-ons to make the vehicle look cool as hail. What about the Idea of having trailors to put on the back of the vehicle so you can tow vehicles around and speaking of that how about a rollback lifted that would be super cool.

Gotta have the black water canyon map!! Best map out there and would keep me busy for a while!!

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