I checked all my firewall and there is nothing running on the background that can be miss check for any cheat. Sometimes like 1/5 games there is no problem i can enter the game. Thx for the answer

Same issue here, started since today.
I'd though it was my VPN, so i changed server. Played one match without issues, after the next match got kicked out again.
Only running in the background; browser/vpn/wallpaper engine/discord.

So i've found my problem i guess; an old twitter post from Dev's S:I said that anti-cheat related could possibly that it being stopped due to anti-virus. So i recently installed some anti-malware software from I/O because my normal anti-malware software could not remove some vague AI bitcoin malware. So i got rid of that by installing some other anti-malware software as a extra precaution; well long story short i removed it and it looks like it works like a charm again.

For my feedback; i hope that there is a possible way to edit the message for "being kicked for violation anti-cheat" to more; the anti-cheat engine suddenly has stopped working; check for interrupting software; or something like that before giving people a heart attack thinking there getting banned or something.

Or somehow give the anticheat service a higher priority with running the game, i think somehow it's rated as a thread for some antivirus/antimalware services?
Sincerely do not hope that Windows Defender ever does this, that could ruin S:I big time...

If i have updates, i'll post them here for the time being. Devs can email me if needed for questions.

Peace, back to S:I @^_^@