I can somehow load cargo at the garage entrance. Bug.

Here a picture : Bug garage.gif

The bug is not easy to reproduce, this is the first truck it seems to happen with.

This happens sometimes with different of this menues... e.g. with trailer stores, fuel stations, portal and so on.

Try to load into another map and back, or restart the game.

Sometimes it happens with upgrad-places too, so you cant press the button to get the upgrade, because the yellow square dissapears. After a restart, ist's fine again.

Yes I know how to work around it, however my post was more intended as a bug report for the developers. Is this the right place to do that?

Theoretically "yes". Practically, I have some minor doubts that bug reports are taken serious.

This issue is caused by having a truck parked in a cargo loading area somewhere on the map. It’s a bug for sure, but if you don’t want to happen, make sure to remove your trucks from loading zones after a delivery or pick up

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