Hello, I recently picked up Mudrunner to try out before I decide on getting Snowrunner, but as of yet I can't complete a multiplayer game, and single player occasionally crashes randomly, most often after I have quit the game previously and attempt to load back in to where I left off.

In Multiplayer, I am either simply unable to connect to other players, or if I do manage to get into a game I will crash back to desktop after a random period of time, and am then unable to use multiplayer again until I delete all local files and reinstall the game. This is understandably very frustrating and does not portend well for my confidence in the reliability of future games such as Snowrunner.

In Single player I will be playing for some time, say an hour or so, and suddenly the game will crash to desktop. Deleting and re-downloading the config.xml files appears to fix this, albeit only temporarily until it happens again.

Any help would be appreciated!

Log Files: https://we.tl/t-HjZqzgIRXh