GioPanda's mods

hey guys!
first post here..finally got this game that i've been stalking for a long time (epic games version)
i'm a long time modder (both tracks and models) for Piboso's games MxBikes and Kart Racing Pro and i'm ready to do something for MudRunner also.

so here's what i'm working on now, it's a Fiat Ducato loosely based on the 4x4 Expedition variant (this will be the short model with much different suspensions and chassis, based on the Land Rover Defender).

the model is pretty much done, it just needs a lot more details, addons, texturing and importing.
as for importing i read the official pdf guide, seen lots of videos and read about half of this forum and i think i pretty much understand the basics of how things should work..the only problem is that having the EGS version of the games won't let me use the editor, i tried adding a new mod following the guide and it gives me an error related to the game not being i correct that the editor is mandatory for the mod to work, right?

anyway i went ahead and started adding some suspensions following mainly @Forces videos (thanks man, they helped me a lot) and here in the screenshots you can see the results: so far i've been able to connect all the empties (blender user here!) of chassis, axles, shocks, springs and control arms) and everything do what it's supposed to be doing, but can't seem to connect bones and rig them to meshes..

so without further ado, these are some screenshots of the model in progress (under 70k polys wheels included)

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

Amazing! We definitely have a shortage of euro vans in the ST/MR/SR universe. I always dreamed of spotting a Ford Transit County one day, and a Ducato Expedition is just as good mate, thank you. I'm no expert but the modelling looks great too! Please don't be put off if you don't get much feedback here, no one really visits this forum anymore so you may go unnoticed ☹

As for the editor, nobody knows if it will ever be updated for Epic, they didn't put any effort into porting the game or offering mod support so it's unlikely. There are plenty of modders out there though (mainly our Russian comrades) that run the pirate version so it will definitely be possible to get it in-game somehow. Try the cracked editor from stmods if you haven't already, and good luck with it.

@Malcolm_Tucker ah man so i am late to the party i guess? 😞

anyway i managed to get a 5 buck steam code and got the game from there..i think it was worth the money!

anyway, thanks, glad you like it!
i might do other vans in the future if i find a way to make things work.

i see many are moved to discord, but the few channels i tried are basically dead and there's nothing in the modding section..

@giopanda Unfortunately, yeah! There still seems to be a sizable player base though. Good to hear you're on Steam, it's definitely the most sensible option.

Most of the MR talk on Discord is in the Snowrunner channel, I think it's the 'official' place now. There's a healthy bunch there that will be more than willing to point you in the right direction in #moddingchat (@Forces moderates there so he is online regularly, he's still making MR mods and is a good guy so I'm sure he will help). It's a bit of a pain that there isn't a dedicated MR modding section, but because of that it's accepted that MR stuff will be posted there.