1.9 Loadout Preset Editor

Once again editing loadout presets is fucked. Most of the time when I hit save loadout it saves what I was just working on to a different preset, blowing up what that one used to be.

Right now, this is what's happening:

Select Preset 1. Preset 1 is highlighted.

Select the main weapon, make changes, click Accept.

Preset 3 is now highlighted and all changes I made have been applied to Preset 3. Preset 1 is still what it used to be.

Try to set Preset 3 back to what it was before. Click Accept. I've now just changed Preset 5. Preset 3 is still fucked. Now Preset 5 is as well. Can't fix either. Preset 1 is still unchanged.

Also seeing this in game when I join a match, which makes trying to set up a loadout quite a lot of fun.

And this was after I spent some time trying to get it not messed up. before the rifle had two Desert Hexes and a handgun.


I'll just add to it that it keeps deleting explosive slot 2 and 3 on my end every time I open the loadout menu.

The bug that MAA_Bunny stated about the glitched loadout system has also happened to me.

I have also encountered this issue and have just all together stopped playing until this is fixed. I do a lot of class changing and equipment switching and this bug has wrecked my enjoyment of the game.