So there are quite a few inconsistencies and problems along with balance issues and incomplete content with this new Optics system. It's awesome that they finally allowed us to use gutter sights, but it's disappointing that they put in overpowered variable zoom on scopes, overpowered 2x-1x optics, and red dot sights on top of 4x sights. It's disappointing that they didn't do this as well as they could.

First off, there are inconsistencies with the way the M1C 1x-2.5x scope on the M1 Garand is used and the 1.5x PK-AS scope on the AK rifles, 4x PU scope on the Mosin, and the PSO-1 4x scope for SVD/VAL. The sight is off to the side on all of those rifles but the M1 Garand is the only one where you can switch back to the gun's standard iron sights, why can you not do that with the AK's, Mosin? There is plenty of room! The SVD and VAL are a bit different as the scope is held on the side, but over the rifle, so there isn't quite enough room to look down the iron sights, there probably is with the VAL but maybe not the SVD, but you could solve this with just making it a bit taller. It's all an blatant inconsistency that needs to be addressed.

And why is the PSO only 1 point for the SVD??? It's a 4x!! And a good scope, it should at the very least be 2.

Also, the 3x A2 scope and the 4x m150 both have holes underneath which perfectly line up with the iron sights on the M16's, they are there for a reason, so you can still use the iron sights, why can we not do this? We did NOT need a OP red dot on top of a 4x scope like that, but we should have been able to look through the bottom of the scope to use the iron sights on both the scopes for the M16a2 and just the m150 scope for the M16a4.

There are other big inconsistencies and inabilities with the M1 Garand too. We are able to reload the gun in the middle of a clip, which is really nice (I hate games that won't allow this) BUT why when starting the game/emptying the gun, can you not reload the gun on a fresh magazine to get 9 rounds in the gun? Doesn't make sense. Also, when using the rifle grenades, the use of blanks is great, many games don't do that. But, that mag of blanks has infinite ammo... When you grab a can of ammo for any other gun, the ammo doesn't refill the mag/clip within the gun, why would it for just the blanks in the garand? It'd be cool if that clip ran out of ammo, like it should, and you could only get more blanks from a full resupply, or else at least give us 2 clips of blanks so we can get more from a green ammo can. And after reloading the grenade, we should be able to press "R" again to swap the to the other clip with more ammo.

Moving on from the garand, can we please get rid of that stupid red dot sight on top of the 3x CH Sight for the G36? I'd rather use the gutter sights like on top of the 1.5x version of that rifle.

Now despite how OP variable zoom is, some sights are worse than others, The new scopes that are 3x-6x are all really nice, I'd thought the community voted against variable zoom scopes, these ones are a bit OP, but I wouldn't mind if they stayed in the game. What is OP and pointless are the variable 1x-2x sights. No one wanted this. It makes having just a 1x completely pointless as just one more point you can have a variable sight, and as we all know, having a 2x is the best in the game. Their only downside is that maybe it's a bit harder to shoot at close range, but now that's not even a problem, just give up a single point and you can have both now. It'd be great if this was taken out, or they should be 2 more supply points than they are.

What's worse are the 4x scopes that have a fricken red dot on top... if anything is overpowered, that is. These should also gtfo of the game, or cost 2 more points than they do. Why would anyone use the gutter sights now when they can use these? There should be some trade-offs with using a variable sight, and the iron gutter sights are a good trade-off. It keeps things balanced.

It's early on with this patch, but I really hope that they do some serious balance worth with the 1x-2x and the 4x with 1x red dots. And can we please use the bayonet on the SKS already? Again, that should be the trade-off that we get for using a semia-uto weapon with nothing underbarrel to stabilize it.